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As seen in...
Lost in Translation
Tokyo Story
Kill Bill Vol. 1
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

If you want to see the future, today, there's no better way than to immerse yourself in the strange sensations of Tokyo. Gaze languidly at the sea of neon lights on the skyline like Scarlet Johansson in Lost in Translation, or visit one of the city's numerous high tech karaoke bars or sushi restaurants like her partner in crime, Bill Murray. A motorcycle's a great way to see the nightlife for the action inclined -- or if you simply want to recreate the high-speed kicks of Kill Bill or Akira -- while those with a taste for danger can always go Tokyo drifting (not recommended for legal purposes). Of course, the old city and its temples still offer their serene charms, so you can have your own Tokyo Story and see how the generations have changed. Just don't get trampled by giant radioactive monsters.