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December 7, 2017
Incredibly intelligent and full of tension. A classic movie with a worthwhile message and motif.
November 30, 2017
A masterpiece. All the characters and actors were brilliant. Special thanks to Lee J. Cobb (Juror #3) and Ed Begley (Juror #10). These two were just fabulous in their acting/character. But the rest played great too.
November 22, 2017
Very few times in film history has been able to see a teamwork as impeccable as this one, it is engaging, intriguing, funny in a momentos and touching
November 21, 2017
Incredible, captivating movie with a wonderful cast and screenplay
½ November 13, 2017
Sidney Lumet's first masterpiece with characters to die for and top notch performances. The heated atmosphere literally drips from the walls...
October 30, 2017
Twelve jurors are tasked to decide the fate of a boy accused of murdering his father. All are certain that the boy is guilty, except the protagonist, juror no. 8.
For a black and white movie set almost entirely in one room, I enjoyed the movie much more than I expected. Although the plot of the narrative is quite straightforward, the movie manages to create tension and suspense with the impactful and precisely scripted dialogues. Furthermore, the movie explores deep issues such as prejudice and justice system, creating a lasting impact on the audience.
A motif that surfaces in the film is how prejudice blinds people. In fact, the prejudice of the antagonists is so repugnantly portrayed that the audience would find themselves compelled to support the protagonist. The story begins with a short but crucial introduction of each character's personality. In their small talks before the deliberation of the case, juror no. 3's hidden bias towards adolescents is hinted in his lines: "I'd slap those tough kids down before they start any trouble." It is later revealed that his prejudice had stemmed from a tormenting relationship with his son, causing him to project a sadistic attitude towards the youthful defendant. Likewise, juror no. 10's eager to convict the defendant is explicitly fuelled by racism, seeing Spanish-Americans as "born liars" who cannot be trusted. Due to their prejudices, they were unable to make rational and objective judgements and closed their minds to any alternative interpretations of the case.
12 Angry Men runs parallel with To Kill a Mockingbird in several aspects. Both are black and white films, courtroom dramas and addresses the issues of racism. While 12 Angry Men is an interesting movie, I find To Kill a Mockingbird more poignant and having more depth in portraying racial discrimination.
October 23, 2017
12 Angry Men: An intensly crafted drama filck with expert pacing, sharp dialouge and an expertly crafted story 12 angry men is a classic masterpeice.
October 16, 2017
Story about 12 jurors who have to decide the fate of a man on trail for murdering his father. Great casting. I mean the casting director should have won an award because all 12 of them are perfect for each role. One of my all time favorites.
October 7, 2017
This is probably one of the best classic movie that I have ever watched. It is a thought provoking film that hits hard on a person's morals, demonstrating how society may wrongly judge an individual because of certain prejudices. When people place their own prejudices about others in a negotiation, they negate true facts and are unable to separate the people from the problem. Just as we see in the whole negotiation process between the jurors, if the jurors have all decided to prosecute the defendant based on their racial prejudice, they could have potentially destroyed the life of the defendant. From the movie, we could also see that the self interest of the jurors sometimes affect the objectivity of votes. The most exciting part about this movie is looking at how one juror could effectively persuade the others to change their vote in the negotiation process, even when it may have seemed like an impossible battle. Really loved the dialogues and the jurors' reactions after every argument. Such a simple setting in the movie yet having such deep and exciting content; this movie deserves 5/5.
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October 4, 2017
I found this on Netflix and thought I'd watch this in 2 halves, stupid idea, I know. The film was just brilliant, beautiful filmmaking, you really feel depressed when you look at all the blockbusters taking over multiplex's. Fonda isn't the only talent here, each character has a moment to shine and Lumet sticks the camera right in close for the dramatic impact. I'm shocked why I had put this off for so long, I'm now actively hunting Fail Safe down to watch that as well. The film is compelling and just as relevant now as it was then, reasonable doubt. This is incredible filmmaking and one film you shouldn't miss. 04-10-2017.
September 26, 2017
An absolute Classic that stands as a modern classic masterpiece. It's intriguing storytelling and style is yet to be seen in cinema.
½ September 23, 2017
This movie isn't about clever editing or special effects or gorgeous scenery, 'cause there isn't any. It's all about the acting, which is well done by all 12 men involved.
September 16, 2017
12 Angry Men relies on the simplicity of its concept- a jury discussion- to give a captivating story brimmed with great performances and interesting morals.
(Favorite moment)- The same knife
September 2, 2017
These men are very angry. This film goes to show that there are timeless Classics from that era that we can still love today. A film about how reasoning can overcome bigotry, prejudice and hate. This is an incredible film and I am always in awe by the time the film has finished. Brilliant.
August 25, 2017
Virtually flawless, gripping and compelling, this single room film holds you in every moment. Lumet's direction is clear and focused, lacking very little and offering just enough insight into each juror, while Fonda's 'reasonable doubt' holds the room just enough to make a change.
This film probably can't be remade. In 2017 there would be some kind of ludicrous twist that forces us to gasp, yet makes the movie lesser. Lumen refuses to go for cheap chicanery and as such, delivers an all-time great.
August 18, 2017
12 Angry Men is a triumph of a film. Sidney Lumet's direction leads the movie with an edge of your seat suspense. Reginald Rose's script is one of the most well written of its kind to grace any screen. The twelve actors chosen to portray the jurors could not have done a better job to keep the audience's interest fully committed to the movie, with such a limited yet powerful set. The fantastic film work makes watching this courtroom drama a one of a kind experience. The smooth editing and considerably short runtime make this movie feel flawless in its efforts to entertain. 12 Angry Men is an undeniable classic. Rating: 5/5
August 17, 2017
A simple day in court is made into one of the greatest dramas of all time. Henry Fonda and Lee J. Cobb lead a jury in showing that strong performances in a single can easily measure up to the CGI blockbusters of today.
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August 15, 2017
12 Angry Men proves that a masterpiece is all in the details. Released in 1957, this is about a group of jurors deciding the fate of a young boy who is accused of murder. One man believes he is not guilty and attempts to convince the rest of the jurors of his innocence. This is, without a doubt, one of the best dramas ever created. Nice short runtime, small cast, all filmed in one room...it's just so tight!! The beauty of it is that just from dialogue alone we are thoroughly entertained and it maintains a sense of tension throughout. The crime is never re-enacted, it's from the descriptive dialogue that we picture it in our heads. Writer Reginald Rose knew that the most powerful tool in film (at that time) was words. The cast was high calibre, Henry Fonda leading the view of not guilty...it's pretty difficult to go against him when he is full of suaveness and so convincing. We get to know each juror as the film goes on and we soon start to explore the possibility that their personal lives are tainting their decision. That, was what made it so palpable. It was clouding their judgement, and their stubborn personalities made it all the more satisfying if they did change their mind. Persuasion is a powerful tool, but add a hint of conviction and you can manipulate anyone's mind. Several nice details were included, I like the fact it was set on the hottest day of the year. The heat evidently getting to the jurors, it made them more irritable and heightened the angry emotions within. Director Sidney Lumet did so much in such a little space, technically. When the jurors enter the room, its a sublime long five minute shot and he manages to share the screen time with each juror equally. He was able to convey their personalities instantaneously just by their attire, then when the discussion commences we start to dig a little deeper. The screenplay really is the winner here, if anything it makes me want to work in law! Dramas do not come better than this, 12 Angry Men easily gets the perfect rating. It sits in the inclusive list of masterpieces.
August 10, 2017
12 Angry Men (1957) is about a lone juror who believes the accused to be not guilty under terms of reasonable doubt, when faced with 11 others who strongly disagree and the demand for a unanimous verdict. It's the quintessential courtroom drama. 12 Angry Men's one location allows the personality conflicts between the jurors to provide the tension, making the film that much more powerful. A brilliant cast perform one of the best scripts ever written to perfection. The case is debated incredibly thoroughly, absorbing the audience into the role of 13th armchair juror. It masquerades as an exploration of justice; it's a social examination at its core. The film scrupulously unpicks what the broad terms we continue to live by can mean to different people - the film has not dated a day in this sense. 12 Angry Men demands intelligence from its audience, and their patience is rewarded with rich, authentic dialogue. The audience hangs on every word. The film's pace is steady, allowing the impact of each interaction to hit the audience to the fullest extent. It perfectly explores how "prejudice can obscure the truth", which seems to be Sidney Lumet's primary goal with this film. 12 Angry Men (1957) is a modern classic, and more importantly, a perfect examination of how individuals can act upon and re-think their prejudices.
August 10, 2017
This courtroom drama film contains very solid performances all round. It is both dramatic and tense, and is insightful in its portrayal of various aspects of humanity. I could definitely relate to this film. Considered to be one of the best movies of all time and one of the top ten courtroom drama movies of all time. AAN 1001
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