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July 6, 2011
Excellent Movie about African American Railway Porters nicknamed "George" (which was disrespectful ), & their struggle to Unionize & ones struggle to go on to College.
February 9, 2010
This movie is partiularly inspirational to me because I've been involved with Labor Unions & have represented people that were being mistreated by corrupted and abusive management. This movie is definitely worth seeing if you have any interest at all in your own rights. It's about Asa Philip Randolph & his efforts to organize the black porters of the Pullman Rail Company. After all the years of fighting for equality and Civil Rights you'd think that this kind of corruption would be a thing of the past - but it's not. This true story happened in the 1920's and the same kind of crap goes on today - if we don't learn from the lessons of the past we are bound to repeat them over & over & over again.
If you're living in the twentieth century and singing ‚??We Shall Overcome‚?? that means that the government has failed to live up to the promise that was set forth in our constitution. This is part of what‚??s wrong with todays labor movement ‚?? we do too much singing and not enough swinging.
½ January 29, 2010
I'm a union man so I thought this was good!
September 27, 2009
If it did not have Mario Van Peebles, I would have wanted to see it. Is the pool for black actors so thin that they really have to keep hiring that guy?
August 22, 2009
sad about the consequences of racism... power to unity...
August 22, 2009
sad about the consequences of racism... power to unity...
March 20, 2009
awesome film i felt their pain throughout the full movie
December 22, 2007
Union activist Asa Philip Randolph's efforts to organize the black porters of th...(read more...)e Pullman Rail Company in 1920s America.
½ December 6, 2007
The concept/subject of this movie is great. We need more films about movements for social justice. The costumes are excellent, and the score is enjoyable. That being said, the acting, script, and directing were terrible. In the lead role, Andre Braugher attempts to deliver a performance of understated dignity but instead comes across as flat and unemotional. On the opposite end of bad acting, Charles Dutton shouts every line to try to convey a "larger than life" character. Some of the lines were laughably bad, and i felt sympathy that the actors had to work with that material. I *really* wanted to like this movie, and i guess it's something that I stuck with it to the bitter end. Perhaps worth enduring for its subject matter, but good luck.
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