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February 25, 2016
Fine drama as dirk Bogarde is a frustrated university lecturer who yearns for an affair with a young pretty student
½ February 12, 2016
A wonderfully emotive script, without being too wordy with solid direction to pull it off on screen.
May 6, 2012
Beautifully filmed, and well acted, a Harold Pinter script (and minor role), with a score by John Dankworth, this film has a lot going for it, and stands the test of time very well. The characters are all very up tight and polite, reminding me somewhat of recent film Archipelago, though there is a lot more going on here than in that. However, it's hard to like most of the characters, and it makes pretty much all life has to offer seem very bleak and empty.
½ March 27, 2011
good second teaming of acor/writer/director
½ January 22, 2011
Almost like an English version of an alan resnais film at times. It's a very fine one in it's own right with a great cast. Adapted by Harold Pinter from Nicolas Mosley's novel (with both playwright and novelist guest starring). In terms of the story not all a lot actually happens but it's all in the performance's and the execution.
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½ December 5, 2010
Understated and complex. A fine collaboration of Bogarde, Losey and Pinter.
June 9, 2010
vu au cinéma L'Autan à Ramonville lundi 7 juin 2010 à 21h dans le cadre du cycle "Revoyez vos classiques".
½ April 28, 2010
Losey precisely paraphrases Oxford to a playground for affairs: Everything is licit, even accidents. Professors Stephen & Charley are pawns in the game, meanwhile aristocratic students William & Anna are noblemen. As we follow Stephen's choices, it is clearly seen that Stephen is the only character making inquiries of his role in playground, furthermore the one disclaims his social class until accident occurs. Accident night is the awaking time for Stephen to argue indistinctness, and occasion giving him replacing his pawn with noblemen(William) that is out of game.
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December 14, 2009
Intense, compelling film with Michael York, Dirk Bogarde and Stanley Baker meeting gorgeous Jacqueline Sassard, and clashing verbal swords over her in that creepily repressed, passive-aggressive British style. Also interesting to see screenwriter Harold Pinter turn up in a cameo as a television executive.

I looked up Sassard on IMDB, and was intrigued to learn that she had quite a solid acting career and then abruptly quit at age 28. I wonder why?
December 12, 2009
Thoroughly unpleasant people doing thoroughly unpleasant things to each other in a thoroughly good film. Dirk Borgarde is wonderful as the surprisingly unsympathetic Stephen. I would have found him to be a more sympathetic character were Anna not played by such an obviously beautiful actress. I think rather than just falling for a beautiful (and painfully dull) woman, the whole story would've been more interesting were Anna a plainer (but no less attractive) girl, which would've highlighted Stephen's situation a little better. Anyway, the only likeable character in the whole thing is Stephen's wife, who wisely calls both Anna and Charley 'stupid', and unwittingly, by association, Stephen too. Spot on, that woman!
September 9, 2009
Freshly restored by the British Film Institute and reissued, this is a typically dark and brooding Harold Pinter tale of bad behaviour and meaningful silences among the privileged and selfish. The acrimony and adultery is fuelled by endless boozing - I can't remember seeing more drinking in a film this side of 'Withnail & I'. ' Accident' is beautifully filmed and acted - you really can believe in Dirk Bogarde as an Oxford professor whose philosophy books don't help at all with his mid-life crisis. The lack of a single truly likeable major character makes 'Accident' an uncomfortable watch, but it's still powerful because its theme of middle-class manoeuvring and meanness is sadly timeless.
½ June 17, 2009
Let me put it out there right from the beginning. The feelings I had after I watched this movie are: disconnected and pretentious. I can go on and on about why I didnt enjoy the movie but the truth was i was more frustrated at how some of the good ideas (and there are plenty) that simply didnt work as a result of bad pacing, jerky/wrong editing and the lead actress' performance (in which the men are suppose to fall all over her) who obviously went to the Barbara Bach School of Acting. I seriously think she looked dead in the last scene as she taxied out. So kudos for the efforts but when it didnt blend in or when execution was lacking in finesse and flair, sadly it became pretentious. I was more interested in finding out what happened to the professor who bought the ladder...
½ March 12, 2009
Another superb collaboration between writer Harold Pinter and director Joseph Losey and actor Dirk Bogarde.

Pinter, lauded as the "master of pauses" in theatre brings this deliberately contemplative atmosphere to the film as we watch the characters in the film say more with their silence than they so often do when speaking.

The cast is top-notch, as if the exceptional photography, editing and production design. This is one of those films that can really transport me to the time and place where and when it was made, in this case late 60s England.

Highly recommended for fans of cinema who take pleasure in "moody" films, ones which require the viewer to be an active participant in the experience of watching.
February 21, 2009
Un chef d'oeuvre de Joseph Losey. Un scenario de Pinter. Comme dans The Servant, L'affrontement des classes sociales mais cette fois entre professeurs d'Oxford. Beaucoup dans le non-dit. Un film elegant aux dialogues subtils. Mes chouchous Dirk Bogarde et Stanley Baker (ceux de Losey aussi). Et Delphine Seyrig en apparition comme dirait Truffaut. Et le fameux plan final o?¹ l'on voit les rails du travelling.
January 28, 2009
Boring, but beautifully shot.
½ November 15, 2008
Fantastic collaboration between writer Harold Pinter, director Joseph Losey, and actor Dirk Bogarde, who plays an Oxford professor obsessed with his beautiful student. Losey's stylishly elegant, psychologically compelling study of sexual politics is one his best films.
October 22, 2008
I re-watched this yesterday. One of Joseph Losey and Harold Pinter's best. A fascinating study of sexual politics and the ambiguity of language and perception with excellent performances by Dirk Bogarde and Stanley Baker. Has there ever been a film where so much and so little happens?
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September 8, 2008
nominated for best picture by NBR and was nominated for best foreign film at the golden globes
½ September 1, 2008
The Losey/Pinter team rule the silver screen in this Resnais-like experimental film that moves on several levels. Centered around a simple car accident, pretty much nothing happens and there is no narrator to clear things up. Even upon second viewing I didn't quite figure it out but the odd flow of events (the protagonist's personal associations, dreams and memories?) sure was thought-provoking. Do see it but be sure to remain open-minded!
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