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August 15, 2008
This is a superb film, but writerly and actorly and ferociously, deliberately divested of narrative, which is problematic for old-fashioned narrative-lovers like myself: in a way, this is an existential drama in which no real decisions are made, and a desperate man grows more and more desperate while a catalyst for change acts Iago-like without any real inherent significance of her own. There are at least three astonishingly powerful scenes here which justify watching this film - the performances are every bit as good as those in The Servant, but it's a more nuanced, frustrating experience to watch, precisely because the only really active player here is as big a loser as his peers.
January 26, 2008
Great film. Nice cameo from Pinter and a great performance from Dirk Bogarde, a film he considered his finest.
September 25, 2007
Fantastic Pinter script with one of Dirk's finest perfromances
½ September 24, 2007
Script by Harold Pinter with Dirk Bogarde & Stanley Baker the story hinges on the consequences of a car accident . Totally neglected. Totally good.
September 19, 2007
Chock full of Losey's favorite subject, twisted psychosis.
August 17, 2007
I take back what I said about The Hitchhiker. The last two episodes I saw dratically improved my opinion of the series. They were stories with Brad Davis playing a sleazy TV host who follows decadent young rich kids around and another about a hitwoman on vacation. They were nasty and unpredictable and the last one in particular had an end twist worthy of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The only feature I've seen has been "Baba Yaga", a weird comic book-derived thriller from Italy that starred Carroll Baker. It was OK if dated.

I should mention one other wog-boggling thing I've encountered lately. I viewed a disc called "Treasures Of Black Cinema" which seemed to be some kind of TV series that crammed four "race films" from the 40's onto one disc. They were all various genres with different stars, a gangster movie starring Ralph Cooper, an old horror movie with Nina Mae McKinney and a Herb Jeffries western. They were all pretty cheap and rudimentary but still entertaining but the fourth one made my eyes bug out.
It was a comedy starring Mantan Moreland but instead of any of the all-black films he made, they showed an old Monogram film where he was paired with Frankie Darro as a comedy team. Moreland was the only black actor in this and he acquitted himself well. The kicker was one scene where Darro was in blackface adn doing a Negro accent! How the heck did something like that slip onto a "Black Cinema" series? Why didn't they just trot out the original Amos & Andy or the Two Black Crows? Sheesh! Richard Roundtree did the introductions for these films. I wonder if he had any idea what he was involved with.
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