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½ April 18, 2017
Of some historical interest; a bit overly long; too much dancing. Is Bill Murray supposed to be a Cuban? If so, he's not a "fit." Good performance by Andy Garcia.
December 10, 2015
The first 3rd of this film really made promises the reat of the film couldn't back. I was expecting a powerful film about revolution, loss, and the false hope of a democratic Cuba. What I got was an overlong, bland and well intentioned however poorly executed period drama. The music, cinematography and performances shine here so bright that it's easy to get through. I'm not at a loss because I paid $1 for this film and honestly it's worth every penny.
November 19, 2015
It's a very dull movie that throughout feels empty and has no true touch to its story which connects with a certain frame in history in Havana and the politics that the film has and wants to tell for history. It's a very bad type of storytelling that comes off like a bad dream that retells itself and the narrative like bouncing balls with the characters who rant very interesting and have no true root to the story, its all misplaced and it has no way of making the understanding part of history come true in the story. "Thumbs Way Down"
August 13, 2015
The film just goes all over the place and spends to much time on characters that where irrelevant.
July 5, 2015
In Lost City, we are presented with a Cuban nation that is increasingly growing displeased with their President Fulgencio Batista and the current Cuban government. Many Cubans are ready for a chance, but there is much disagreement over how this change should be implemented and who should lead it. Even those who want a more democratic approach, like Fico's father, acknowledge that it is time for a "Christ with a whip" to come to Cuba.
Besides the democratic approach of Fico's father, his sons opt for a more revolutionary approach, with Ricardo joining forces with Fidel Castro and becoming an important officer within the new Communist government. While the movie presented an interesting character arc for all of Fico's children and was entertaining, some of its depictions of the reality of Communism were less effective than others.
The revolutions themselves were historically just to what Communist revolutions look like, namely, in necessitating large amounts of violence and bloodshed and the necessity of being led by a leader that is not afraid of being brutal and violent. This was explained nicely in a scene with Che when he gives a short speech to Ricardo, who seems to feel some remorse for the people they just killed, and Che tells him that there is nothing to be upset over. The revolution requires violence for a free Cuba, and that "the end justifies the means." For Communists like Che, violence is not done for the sake of violence, but out of necessity to lead a successful revolution.
Where I felt the movie failed in its portrayal of Communism lay with the characters presented to us. In most Communist revolutions, and in its purest form as Marx imagined it, the Communist Revolutions would represent the overthrowing of the bourgeoisies, or the upper class of rich people. This revolution to overthrow them would be led by peasants and the working class who were being exploited by the upper class, particularly in industrialized countries. Marx, in fact, felt that such a revolution could not occur in countries like Russia and Cuba because of their lack of industry. In this movie, the Cubans whose eyes we see the revolution through are fairly well off nightclub owners. They may not be part of the upper echelon of Cuban society, but they are far from the peasants that Marx imagined the revolution to be led by. In fact, peasants are largely absent from the movie, with the exception of Ricardo who seems to take on the façade of a peasant or lower class Cuban when he joins forces with Che and Castro.
Overall, I enjoyed the movie and felt it told a compelling story of how this period in Cuban history affected individuals and families, even forcing some to flee as Fico was, but that it would have been more effective to see the revolution through the eyes of Cuba's most oppressed. We get short glimpses of it when we are presented with scenes like Luis's failed assault on the Presidential Palace, but none make a strong impression of the roots of the communist revolution in Cuba.
December 18, 2014
First and foremost this soundtrack is incredible! If you're one of the lucky few to find it, you'll never regret buying it. The film itself has a few hiccups yes, but cinematography and the true story of the once great Cuba never get lost in translation. It's truly an excellent example of how a dictatorship can squeeze the creativity, the music, the very life force of a beautiful country. There is so much love put into this film, you can easily forgive any shortcomings.
October 17, 2014
Gran dirección, actuación y música de Andy Garcia en esta su Opera Prima. La historia aunque enfocada desde un solo punto de vista político y social, demuestra de una forma sensible el muchos aspectos sociales de la historia revolucionaria cubana.
September 8, 2014
This movie is ridiculously long and extremely boring.
½ July 21, 2014
Disregard the rotten score. The movie may be a bit slow and running 144mins long, however the music is great, story is moving and characters have depth. I enjoyed it, not once but twice. And Ebert gave it thumbs up and he was never wrong.
March 10, 2014
This is a cinematographically beautiful film but it does little to overcome the self-obsessed, propagandist nature of the film. Garcia needs to stick with acting. We're not interested in your politics Mr. Garcia.
September 24, 2013
Garcia's Cuban odyssey ultimately succumbs to a lot of the same problems as many historical pieces, telling a story that is far less compelling than its setting or the actual history (the memory of Pearl Harbor lingering all too near). Couple that with an underutilised cast, with Hoffman and Murray utterly wasted and bored in their roles, uneven direction that spans from vibrant & colourful to amateurishly bland & flat, and woefully slow pacing (especially for a near 2 1/2 hour feature that should be more careful) and you have an admirable but ultimately misguided effort.
April 5, 2013
i'll give it 3 for the soundtrack. but not more than that. too many flaws and holes in this movie. it could've been better if they'd put more tensions in some of the scenes and change the main lady. and last but not least don't give us the easy ending.
January 21, 2013
I like Andy Garcia , but 143 minutes is long , a bit slow ...not my kind of music, Ines Sastre mmm ...Thanks Bill for making it not a boring movie
January 5, 2013
This family is a window into the trauma that was the revolution of Cuba. The soul of Cuba was riped out and it is on screen for all to see. A must see!
December 30, 2012
This is an interesting effort from first-time director Andy Garcia. It covers Cuba in the late 50's as they underwent major change. Some interesting stuff, but the film does drag at points. Bill Murray helps to lighten things up and it's fun seeing Dustin Hoffman in a very small supporting role. Give it a try!
December 6, 2012
I enjoyed the mix of powerful good guys, powerful bad guys, and the not-so-powerful of each. In a city where the mob has considerable power and the government is unstable, anything goes as long as you can get away with it. In the meantime, everyone is trying to live as best as they can.
November 4, 2012
Pretty good movie and I enjoyed it. Reminds me of Casablanca and Dr. Zhivago but set in Cuba in late 1950's. Not as good as those two movies, but still entertaining. Beautifully shot (location is actually Dominican Republic and not Cuba) and good score by Andy Garcia.
October 3, 2012
I saw this movie exactly as it was. The Truth of Cuba in the late 1950's. I thought Andy Garcia did a fantastic job as first time director offering realism and sadness to a once beautiful and thriving country. I know that most critics did not like this film and was boycotted in many countries. The black and white scenes brought the politics into the movie which I thought was a brilliant move........
April 23, 2012
I found the story to be impressively convincing, a great peace of entertainment.
March 12, 2012
I missed part of the movie because I had to go outside to return Lauren Fugitt's University of Texas sweatshirt to her (I visited Austin with Will Thomas on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), so I can't judge this movie with much authority. Based on what I saw, I thought there was something I was missing with the Bill Murray character perhaps. The film seemed intelligent, I just might need to give it another try. I watched it with Dad, Mom, Chas, and Bryce my last day of spring break. I watched it literally before Bryce and I headed over to go to the Angelika to watch We Need To Talk About Kevin.
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