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September 26, 2017
viewed on 11/10/04 (Mon)

This is this year's Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film.

It has all the trappings of what Oscar will like to see. An epic that spans over decades following the tumultuous relationship of two twin sisters separated by force when young, united by chance and again separated by war and different political standings. Meticulous in details and a well-acted drama.

Does it reach me? Not quite la.

Rating: B-
Expected Rating: B+
August 30, 2015
what an unfortunate strings of events that kept 2 loving twin sisters apart...ending is bitter sweet
½ June 12, 2015
I don't care for stories in which one decent conversation would resolve the conflict for better or worse.
½ September 13, 2014
Remarkable story of sisters separated by tragic circunstances;heart-breaking ending
May 5, 2014
** This review may contain spoilers ***

After a long time writing a review, actually a short one. I thought I have watched almost all great heart wrenching drama about the people around the devastating destruction of WWII. But I guess I was wrong.''De Tweeling'' aka ''Twin Sisters'' is an absolute tear jerker. Story of two orphan twin sisters who were separated at childhood, one lived in Holland living a posh life and other had to live in Germany in a severe abusive atmosphere. WWII came, altered their lives in a most possible devastating way one can imagine. This is a story of love, heartbreak, tragedy and war in an epic proportion. As you can see its based on a worldwide best-seller, its almost impossible to portray and bring up the story in big screen by its level and proportion, they did a very fine job. And perhaps this is the best Dutch production I have seen so far.

Don't want to give any spoiler, so I shouldn't go any further I guess. But the actresses performed the twin sisters in different stages of life did excellent job. One of them will remind u the prime period of 'Audre Hepburn' and wouldn't that be extra something !

Story evolves from different point of view. It will make you asking the question again and again whether the normal people of Germany really knew what was really going on ? Why did they march under someone as crazy as Hitler ?? Did they really have any other choice ?? I will leave them out for the audience.

The choices we make shapes our life and defines who we really are . But under different circumstances, would we make the same kind choices ?? Is it really up to us or we are the victim of our surroundings ?
February 12, 2013
moved to anger and tears both. Well crafted, heartfelt. Was it a true story? I hope not because of separating young loving twins speaks of Nazie behavior.
½ January 1, 2013
This movie is a sad story of two sisters who lived their entire lives seperated because of a misunderstanding and different views of the war
½ November 15, 2012
Apparently based on a popular novel, Twin Sisters carries so much promise to be a great piece of the Holocaust-related movie pieces, that touches none of the gory parts of war but with enough sentimental value as it focuses on the consequences of complicated family relationships. However I was not impressed and it looked like an average movie to me in the end because it lacked a lot of kick that I expected but did not materialize, given the weight of the subjects matter. One of the major flaws - I was quite disappointed that the (adult) sisters lacked the enthusiasm or chemistry in certain very critical scenes. Not knowing each other for so long was not a good enough excuse for this flaw, because the sisters apparently had better chemistry with their male partners during the first time meeting? This was an obvious contrast to the kiddy versions of the sisters who were better actors in my opinion, as they had demonstrated strong raw worries and emotions towards each other despite being miles apart, and that was when the movie was at its best (looked like a 4.5 star at that point) . Why the adult actors behaved that way? Probably due to poor direction or bad acting.
July 12, 2012
Soap opera about a pair of German twin sisters separated when their parents die in 1930. One is fostered out to harsh Catholic peasant relativesin Germany, the other to a well to do Protestant family in Holland. You can guess the rest.
June 13, 2012
Great film! A a real commentary on how two people can share the same roots--- and hold completely different viewpoints. Great commentary on what war does to people--as well. This film has a lot to say about bigotry---intolerance---ignorance----deprivation---and hatred. Excellent viewing choice.
April 5, 2012
well made and acted. beautiful film, that everyone who loves movies should see. spoiler (slightly) the ending is a tear jerker
½ March 31, 2012
In Dutch; the Netherlands.
March 16, 2012
With the anticipatory drive of a continual cliffhanger, this beautifully edited war film without combat is about the destructiveness of ideology, how war affects people's sense of humanity and critical thinking, eyes so jaundiced that the bonds of sisterhood are lost in apartheid.
March 8, 2012
Makes WW II's human toll palatable. Excellently done.
February 22, 2012
cried like a baby.........
December 10, 2011
Recommmended by Luc.
December 4, 2011
well made and acted. beautiful film, that everyone who loves movies should see. spoiler (slightly) the ending is a tear jerker
Super Reviewer
½ August 18, 2011
In 1928, twin sisters Lotte(Julia Koopmans) and Anna(Sina Richardt) are orphaned and split up. Lotte, suffering from consumption, is sent to wealthy relatives in Holland to recover while Anna gets to stay and shovel cow manure. Even after Lotte gets better, no attempt is made to reunite the twins. By 1936, Anna(Nadja Uhl) and Lotte(Thekla Reuten) are old enough to start taking an interest in boys. Lotte is rather fond of David(Jeroen Spitzenberger) while Anna takes a liking to Bernd(Markus Von Lingen), a young Nazi, which so angers her uncle Heinrich(Ingo Naujoks) that he beats her severely enough for the pastor(Germain Wagner) to finally intercede on her behalf.

While taking place on familiar ground, "Twin Sisters" adds a new spin with its Dickensian tale that seeks to explore identity when it is at its most important.(I was a little confused at first because Dutch and German sound similar to my untrained ears which might have been the point.) Through ignorance, Anna pays lip service to the Nazi party line but essentially remains a kind person. Along these same lines, the movie validates Bill Hicks when he pointed out how patriotism is linked to no more than where we are born. So while our fates may come down to a matter of timing, looking back on events may cause us to see a pattern that was never there in the first place.
August 5, 2011
Fantastic movie about the relationship between two sisters, and not merely sisters, twins, set with the backdrop of WWII.Amazing tale about victims of circumstance, the cruelty of fate and love.
Super Reviewer
April 17, 2011
Tear jerker all the way through. Vivid images, superb acting, beautiful heart wrenching story. Based on a famous Dutch novel, this filmed version was one of the five "Best Foreign Film" nominees for 2004's Academy Award. The two actresses who portray the twin sisters from late teens to early middle age are quite good, and the sets, costumes and WWII sensibility are wonderful. Good movie!
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