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½ March 6, 2015
Love Margaret, but this is just not very good. She seems to be winging it most of the time. The jokes are ill-timed, there are way too many long pauses and she gets preachier with every movie. Yep, this one's 11 years old as of this writing, so some of the material is dated. What isn't just isn't very funny. Cho is talented - why hasn't anyone found a vehicle for her? I've seen her live twice and she was very funny both times. If I had seen this film first, I doubt I would've made the effort. Edited to state that I upgraded her a star for her passionate stance on equal rights for all.
½ July 21, 2010
Had some really good and funny moments in it...but had other parts that kinda flopped for me. She's not as good as Eddie Izzard.
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June 19, 2010
Thumbs down. I love Margaret Cho but this is bad political humor.
June 14, 2010
funny and way too liberal for youse guys
June 14, 2010
Pussy crack corn...and I don't care!!!
June 14, 2010
Unless you're a homosexual, a feminist, or a Cho Fan, don't watch this! - Not only is it rarely humorous, it's just whining! It's this kind of attitude prevalent in society today that gives feminism and homosexuals a bad reputation. - America is a democracy. Most people are heterosexual. The majority rules, fuck you.
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½ January 28, 2009
As a first generation, similarly "inappropriate" Asian American who grew up in a predominantly white city never quite feeling as "Asian" as other people seem to view me, there is no other comedian I can identify better with than Margaret Cho. Her range is fantastic - she can do hilarious impressions of everyone from asian "old school" relatives to George Bush and Condoleeza Rice, gay men to snotty 14 year olds, Japanese film samurai to Ukiyo-e pictures. I admire her tremendously - a brave, intelligent woman who manages to utilize her own closely-observed experiences of racism and sexism to educate the audience about it. An example - "Whenever I go to a dinner party, inevitably someone tells me 'Too Much Information,' and, 'Don't Go There.' -- Problem is - I live there. I bought a house there. I'll TAKE YOU THERE!'." She wisely advocates the need for constant communication and discussion to bring about the "CHO REVOLUTION."
½ November 12, 2008
Not piss-your-pants hilarious like her first two dvds, but I admire her honesty and willingness to speak so openly about her views. I especially liked the part about the Fuck It Diet that goes well with the Fuck That Shit Exercise Program.
June 18, 2008
Margaret Cho is one of the funniest people alive. Hysterical and charmingly personal.
May 29, 2008
"Don't go there? I live there... I bought a house there."
April 14, 2008
Margaret Cho brilliant.
April 10, 2008
Obama, McCain, or Clinton are likely to be terrible presidents just like this film is probably going to be a piece of crap as well.
½ April 2, 2008
fucking hilarious :]
February 27, 2008
Margaret Cho is the funniest person on the planet.
½ February 19, 2008
I admire that Cho will go places that most others won't. I admire that she perseveres for rights. But, her material rarely amuses me.
January 22, 2008
Margaret Cho is always funny, and although this is good, it does not contain her best routines. Fun though.
January 6, 2008
I love Margaret Cho. She's hillarious and out there no matter what, but I like this one more than Assassin.
November 18, 2007
By the time this film was made Cho had become the new Cher to several in the gay community, but, like Cher, the diva seems to be more important than the artist.
October 12, 2007
asian chicken salad...
October 2, 2007
Probably the most crude of Margaret's performances, but also very honest and therefore wonderful.
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