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May 31, 2010
This is not a TV show website. It's a movie website.
½ May 13, 2010
I don't watch a lot of comedy shows, but from the ones I've seen lately, this is surely one of the funniest. The basketball episode was fantastic. I am already halfway through season two, so expect a rating of that in the near future.
April 30, 2010
Just completed the season 1.
I haven't watched the British version. So naturally I don't have any benchmarks to compare with, which is really great. All the characters are excellent. I'm remembering their names though not all of them yet.

I've started to love the title music. Most of us when we love a program & hear the music related to it, we have this mixed feeling of warmth, pleasure & nostalgia. You know what I mean. As soon as I hear that initial music I'm having the same feeling. So I guess I'm starting to love the show & the characters.

Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is the most irritating, idiotic, lunatic boss that I've ever seen. Carell is funny in some scenes & downright irritating in many. It would be interesting to see how am I going to empathize with this character in future. Right now I have an intense dislike for Michael Scott. This character, atleast in season 1, is not for every one. Steve Carell is great in the role.

All the characters are wonderful. If I have to name two people who nailed there characters, that would be Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute and Jenna Fischer as Pam. I could really see the pain in her job/role. John Krasinski is sweet as Jim.

As far as the background goes, there is one thing that I should mention here. It is the complete lack of any music (including laugh track) which increases the reality setting & cramped feel by many folds.

The writing is great. Definitely better than the first 6 episodes of 30 Rock that I've watched until now.

In the final episode there is Amy Adams, probably in her pre-popular days. Am I the only one who is seeing a great deal of resemblance between her & Jenna Fischer?

Also can some kind soul explain to me that line "Would you like some googie googie?" & how it's racial in the episode 2 Diversity Day. I didn't get the word googie googie at all.

Over all, a fine start to the series I would say. I would recommend this to you. I reckon season 2 would be much more fun.

Since there are only 6 episodes in season 1, I would list my top 3 favourite ones. There is a tie for the 3rd place.

1. Health Care (episode 3)
2. The Alliance (episode 4)
3. Diversity Day (episode 2) & Basketball (episode 5).
½ April 14, 2010
75/100. Although it gets off to a shaky start, as a whole Season 1 was very will written and acted. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer come off best in the cast. The best two episodes are Health Care and The Alliance. Steve Carell does get a little irritating at times and one of the shows flaws is his character. It is highly improbable he would retain his job with the things he does and says in the real corporate world, and one wonders how he got the position to begin with.
April 1, 2010
While it may be a bit to absurd to believe such things could happen. It is a fantastic way to get a few chuckles in before work.
½ October 1, 2009
Not the best start to the show, but still a good watch, and some funny episodes.
I was so pleased when I started watching this show. I found it to be so fresh, and clever. The characters are really likable, and the cast is superb. This season isn't the strongest, and it's far too short. There's a couple of great episodes, but mostly it's only okay.
I'd advise people to watch it anyway, and once they move on to season 2 they'll love it all the more.
½ July 19, 2009
awesome show thats all that needs to be said
½ February 9, 2009
If you're like me and you started watching the office after the first season, you may decide that it would be a good idea to go back and catch the origins of the series. Don't do it. It's not that the episodes are incredibly horrible, in fact a couple are actually quite good (most notably "Health Care"). Mostly my problem is that the episodes are just stagnant. There isn't really any plot development that occurs throughout the entire season, and the jokes just aren't up to par with the masterpiece that is "The Office".

Conclusion: Watch/Download "Health Care", possibly a good rental.
August 10, 2008
'The Office' (and I here make reference to the entire series) is one of the few sitcoms that I find enjoyable. It manages to mingle a variety of predictable archetypes in a wholly original fashion episode after episode. It mixes improvisational comedy with a very realist script to present an ideal satarization of the American workspace. The relationships between the believeable characters are spontaenous and genuine. The romance between Jim and Pam is one of the most genuine I have ever seen on screen.
½ January 5, 2008
Angel started off rated as a strong 7 in season one, but got a little worse each season for seasons two and three. The writing got less creative, and more cheesy, the villains were lame, the characters were hollow and lacked depth, there were very few appearances or mention of characters from Buffy's world (due to Buffy moving to a different channel, the writers were told not to mention things from Buffy)... But, by the time season 4 rolls around, things get a little more interesting. Angelus appears, Wesley's character gets a lot more interesting, the plots get a lot more creative and suspenseful, a demon crawls out of the center of the earth, a character from Firefly shows up, and things get pretty crazy. Overall, the show is ok and entertaining, but its no Buffy.

The Office, on the other hand, is the best sitcom ever aired. Rarely am I entertained by comedies, but this show has great laughs, great characters, sad parts, romance, and very creative, witty writing. Its even better than Arrested Development.
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