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May 6, 2006
an awesome show but i have a funny story of how this reveiw was wriiten.originally,this is what i first wrote for my review

awesome show.for my favorite show its a tough 1 between this and everybod

after that i remembered that it was thursday at 8:09 and i alredy missed the first 9 minutes of everybody hates chris.its been on the computer ever since.anyway,the show is probably the funniest show on tv.great cast of unknowns (except steve carrel).and by the way,steve carrel is gonna be in evan almighty,the sequel 2 bruce almighty.cant wait
½ April 24, 2006
Steve Carrell is perfect for this role, there isnt a weak link in the whole cast.....and Dwight steals the show almost every episode.
½ October 28, 2005
This is by far one of the funniest shows on tv all six episodes are hilarious.
August 26, 2005
Okay, I'm sorry because that is the best supposedly 'clever' title I could think of for this. I'm not in the groove today or something. Well, enjoy the review anyways. It's a good one, I swear.
In 2001, Britain brought us a new situation comedy called "The Office" and it received excellent reviews just about everywhere. It seemed like everyone loved the funny scenarios that take place in a British workplace. Then, NBC got this idea to Americanize "The Office" and show it on their network station. Don't all of us Americans just love to do that?
Obviously, this faced much opposition from everyone that loved the British comedy that was going to be transformed. The general opinion was that the show would probably suck. But why? Because when something is Americanized, it is most likely going to be horrid. Take for example, "The Ring", "Boogeyman", "The Grudge" and any other American molds of Japanese horror. Yep, I see you've now got my point.
Alas, this show had a redemption point. Starring as the boss that you love to hate was Steve Carrell. Yes, the Steve Carrell. The guy that stole the light from Jim Carrey in "Bruce Almighty" and from Will Ferrell in "Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy". But could Carrell wow over audiences enough to forgive the copy-and-paste nature of this television show?
Fortunately, does he ever. Along with the other great members of the cast, this show is as funny as it could be and doesn't betray the original show that it comes from. It isn't a bombardment of comedy so you never know when the next funny moment will rear its head. Some of the absolutely silent moments make the most out of the laugh potential too, which is completely unlike most American comedy.
Unfortunately, though, the episodes are all so really short that by the time you are in the mood and really watching, the credits run by. They could increase the length some because as it is now, it understays its welcome and leaves you running out into the road, wearing only a wet towel around your waist, and yelling out, "Come back!"
On the list of my favorite moments in the first six episodes would be when Jim places the pencils in the slit between his and Dwight's desk, when the two of them form an 'alliance', and when the whole office participates in 'Diversity Day: Take Two!'. It really is fairly hard to just pick a few moments out though. Check it out for yourself and you'll find your own part that you like the best.
August 17, 2005
THE OFFICE: 8 out of 10

The Office is about a group of people working together in an office. Go figure. Yes, simple plot, nothing special, except for the fact that this mockumentary is just plain hillarious.

All the characters of the show are well distinguished, not quite as distinguished as are the characters in Scrubs and Arrested Development, but they are fair as it is. Each show follows all of the characters, mainly the boss, Michael, played by Steve Carrell, who pretty much plays the character better than anyone in my mind could try to.

The show has various, random scenarios each episode, most of which in where Michael ends up offending the entire office because of his ego. Sure the plots may be a little boring, but the laugh-your-butt-off comedy is enough to make you forget about anything wrong with the show.

The show never gets serious, never puts out messages, it's just here to entertain, and at that it does an incredibly fine job. It keeps us hooked, and I was devistated when I found out the first season was only six episodes long. But thank the lord, the Office is returning to NBC this soon this fall.

With Scrubs and The Office coming on concecutively, what better way is there to spend a Tuesday night? Enjoy heartful laughs and some serious messages in scrubs, and then laugh your butt off as The Office ends your evening with you cracking up.

The Office gets a solid 8 out of 10.
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