L'Enfer Reviews

January 20, 2007
December 1, 2006
The spectre of Kieslowski flutters through the film, but his eye and touch aren't there%u2014it's hard to watch L'Enfer without wondering, what would he have done?
June 5, 2006
The characters fascinate yet confuse. Surprisingly, the film keeps us at arms length. On reflection, I enjoyed the film more after it had finished, when I could dip back into this claustrophobic world and relive the unfolding of events in my mind.
June 4, 2006
Tanovic turns the drama of three damaged sisters... into a full-blooded opera with performances to match.
May 6, 2006
September 13, 2005
A decidedly cold, protracted work marked by solid, but passionless performances and a preference for polished, fashion-magazine imagery.
September 12, 2005
A multi-layered tale that's as compelling on a surface level as it is laden with food-for-thought underneath.
September 10, 2005
Gave me goose-bumps from both its content and its quality.
September 9, 2005
For all its literary references, the thing certainly looks like a shallow though slick French melodrama.