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Alfie Quotes

  • Alfie: My understanding of women goes only so far as the pleasures.

  • Alfie: You know what? When I look back on my little life and the birds I've known and think of all the things they've done for me and the little I've done for them, you'd think I'd had the best of it all along the line. But what have I got out of it? I've got a bob or two, some decent clothes, a car. I've got my health back and I ain't attached. But I ain't got my peace of mind. And if you ain't got that, you ain't got nothing. I don't know, it seems to me that if they ain't got you one way, they've got you another. So what's the answer? That's what I keep asking myself. What's it all about? Know what I mean?

  • Alfie: Why him? Better than me? What's he got that I haven't? Apart from long hair. Well? Come on, let's have it. What's he bleeding got?
    Ruby: He's younger than you are.

  • Alfie: Make a married woman laugh and you're halfway there with her. It don't work with the single bird. It'd start you off on the wrong foot. You get one of them laughing, you won't get nothing else.

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