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February 27, 2006
We get it. All of you guys watched the Tarantino movies and you watched the Peckinpah movies. Enough, give us something original.
February 26, 2006
DIRTY boasts about a wayward police drama that needs considerable conscientious washing. Sadly, this perfunctory scrub job simply attacks the same old neglected stained areas.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
February 24, 2006
As the villain, Wyclef Jean exercises an impression-as-accent of John Malkovich's character from Rounders in turn impersonating a member of the Jamaican bobsled team.
February 22, 2006
At the end of the antiheroes' ropes, at the end of writer-director Chris Fisher's genre exercise, guns have been drawn, blood has been spilled, cops have been thwarted from going straight, and nothing has changed.
Full Review | Original Score: C+
February 23, 2006
Cuba Gooding Jr. sheds the halo that has threated to strangle his career by playing a corrupt cop in a nasty little genre film set in Los Angeles.
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February 24, 2006
The only suspense is how long it's going to take for this movie to finally drag to an end.
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February 24, 2006
The machinations of the plot are so murky as to be not worth following.
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February 24, 2006
This isn't a film made by someone who knows anything about cops. It's a film made by someone who's seen a lot of cop movies.
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August 26, 2006
This picture of it is poppin' blanks at too many turns to be considered honest nor a reflection of the real deal.
Full Review | Original Score: 1.5/5
April 1, 2006
...although Dirty isn't much better than some of his earlier efforts, one can't help but admire Gooding Jr's willingness to portray such an irredeemably nasty character.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
February 20, 2006
Another Cuba Gooding Jr. dud. Don't show him the money -- show him the door!
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February 18, 2006
It is so biased that it doesn't inspire the outrage that Fisher obviously intended.
Full Review | Original Score: 0/10
February 21, 2006
[Director Fisher] appears fixated on Los Angeles as a nihilistic phantasmagoria.
January 20, 2006
Not entirely successful, but it's as twisted as a James Ellroy novel, and it may please genre fans who don't require the transubstantiation of spilled blood into the holy water of redemption.
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February 17, 2006
Chris Fisher's Dirty is clumsier and less earnest than Crash, but it's every bit as totalitarian.
Full Review | Original Score: 1/4
February 24, 2006
Capturing LA as a sepia-toned, sunbaked wasteland just isn't fresh. Why must every LA cop drama take place on the hottest day of the year just as the city is about to explode?
| Original Score: 2/4
October 25, 2006
Fisher goes a bit too over the top with a couple of conventions that I wish he'd rein in.
February 24, 2006
As good as the leads and the supporting cast are, and as much action as gets packed into the film's relatively brief running time, none of it draws us in dramatically.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/5
February 23, 2006
While I have no doubt that real corrupt cops use language like this, it sounds like these actors don't actually know what the words mean. They sound like eighth graders... like Anthony Anderson and Taye Diggs in Malibu's Most Wanted pretending not
February 24, 2006
Even the stunningly downbeat ending smacks of sub-Tarantinoesque theatrics.
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