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August 17, 2013
Some people live their lives . Others mske their lives happen.
one of my very favorites.
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June 16, 2013
Wow. What a powerful retrospective on a life many might have dismissed as silly and insignificant. This intimate one-man-show reminds us of the profound humanity of those around us -- even those of whom we have not thought to take notice before. A real "check" on life and a beautifully disappointing time capsule.
June 13, 2012
I first remember seeing Charles Nelson Reilly in the show THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR. I loved his character and when he came on the screen I knew I was going to laugh. There was The Match Game show, and he was a favorite guest of Johnny Carson, over 100 times.

This is a fantastic, touching, funny one-man live stage recording of Charles Nelson Reilly's recollection of his life. It was mainly filmed from the last time he ever performed THE LIFE OF REILLY in 2004. He had a zany family, famous friends and a fabulous life. And that laugh.
March 22, 2012
Charles Nelson Reilly! in the last show he ever made.
February 22, 2012
Charles Nelson Reilly is a great story teller, and he's still funny as hell. This is a one man show that never gets boring. I love this guy. Even if you've never heard of him, watch this, and if you have heard of him.. no.. he's not dead.
February 1, 2012
Amazing one man show in which O'Reilly takes us through his remarkable life. One of those lives that makes you shake your head in astonishment at the resilience of the human spirit. Would I have liked more show-biz stories? Sure. But what is here is great enough. I'm so grateful he did this before he died.
October 1, 2011
Not much interesting is happening from a film standpoint, but Reilly's giving an engaging self-history.
August 24, 2011
An interesting story about a unique individual. Highly recommended for anyone thinking about going into acting.
August 21, 2011
I admit I have been waiting to see this documentary for a while now. Created in 2007 and never leaked online with a 100 on rottentomatoes and no trailer I really don't know what I was in for. I am very surprised, this is a very different and unique experience. Shocking and amazingly funny. This is hands down one of the best stage performances I have ever seen. It's a must see for anyone in the arts/entertainment industry and right now available, netflix instant.
August 1, 2011
LOVED this movie! I've always been a fan of Charles Nelson Reilly (god how I loved Match Game as a kid) but was reluctant to watch this as so often the filming of a theater show, especially a one man show, comes up empty. Not this one. First, it's a brilliant show and I now understand how he had such a successful theater career. Second, it is filmed so well so you feel like you're in the audience. Rent this on Netflix.
July 1, 2011
I grew up loving Charles Nelson Reilly on game and talk shows. I didn't realize he had such an accomplished theater career. This movie is a one-man show about his life from his early years living in the Bronx to his eventual move to Hollywood! Clever use of props, media and references to movie stars bring his experiences to life.

One touching scene was when an NBC executive said "We don't have queers on TV." Then a little later, Charles would peruse the TV Guide and count 58 times that he was appearing on television! You will laugh, you will cry, and in the process you will be inspired! His story is a great testament to overcoming adversity and following your dream.
January 2, 2010
I thought he was just a comedian, but at the outset of his career in the 1950's, Reilly studied under Uta Hagen and closed his career as an acting teacher. This film is a major resource for anybody interested in the performance arts.
September 2, 2009
Sensational performance from Charles Nelson Reilly. As he shares his life story it becomes clear what a great actor he truly was. Too bad he never really had the chance to share his acting chops with the masses until shortly before his death.
½ August 2, 2009
a great little one man show by Charles Nelson will be shocked and find yourself laughing out loud,a great look back on the life of someone who was more than just a game show panelist.....
½ June 14, 2009
I had a chance to see this on PBS of all places and it is brilliant! Almost the entire show broadcasts a play Charles Nelson Reilly put on called 'The One Man Show'. My initial attention was grabbed because I was watching theater on film (on tv), and not only theater but just one man on a stage chronicling his life. That's where this movie succeeds. Reilly is not an actor I'm familiar with and sadly he has past away, but based on the one man show he put on I can say I was simply stunned by his charisma on stage.
June 7, 2009
Unavoidable self-absorption of one-man-shows does not erase (though does distract a little from) the humor and personality of the one man.
August 5, 2008
An incredibly humanizing portrait of Charles Nelson Reilly, told through his own heartbreaking and hilarious anecdotes. When I saw this at the Wisconsin Film Festival, there was not a dry tear in the house, whether from laughter or sorrow (which are often inspired at the same time, thanks to the sharp wit of his storytelling skills). Mr. Reilly passed less than a year after the Festival rounds of this film. I feel lucky to have seen it -it's like I got to know him just in time- and I look forward to its dvd release!
½ February 10, 2008
Charles Nelson Reilly is a geat storyteller, and can deliver a punchline like noone else. His facial expressions and asides are so incredible - my only wish is the direction of the film wasn't so sloppy.
January 25, 2008
Charles, we hardly knew ye.
January 17, 2008
This was very unique, because it was simply Reilly acting out on stage, telling stories about his life growing up. It was comical and inspiring. Not many people have heard about this movie, but I would suggest seeing it if you can find a copy.
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