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While policing the underbelly of the internet, Phillip - a hot shot cyber crime investigator, finds a suspicious website for FEEDERS & GAINERS - the weird world of fat erotica; a sexual subculture where fat-admiring men (Feeders) seek out obese women (Gainers). But one of these men may be going too far - feeding his charges to death and publishing details online. Phillip tracks him to Toledo, Ohio, and goes there determined to uncover the sinister underworld. What he discovers may cost him his life ... or his sanity.


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  • May 07, 2011
    "Feed" is bizarre, sick, disgusting with an interesting premise. I personally think it could be helpful for those who need motivation for losing weight or changing their food habits.
    John M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 30, 2010
    Yes it is vile, disturbing, and all kinds of wrong but it was never dull and it kept me on the edge of my seat in its shocking value. This was like The Silence Of The Lambs on steroids and viagra and if you want to go on a diet this movie will definitely make you lose your appetite. I thought the acting was pretty strong and it moved at a rapid pace with an bizarre and unsettling story about a sick and disturbed man feeding women to death and storing their fat and a cop who discovers his psychotic antics and wants to bring him down before the next woman becomes another victim. There was alot of graphic sex scenes in this film that it almost feels like your watching a fetish porno film and that makes it definitely not for everyone and definitely not for the sqeamish, so beware. The director has some balls making a movie like this and I have to give it to the cast and crew for having some guts to be apart of it and delivering the goods for the most part. The ending had a pretty twisted twist and makes the movie all the more horrific but bold, this flick is messed up! Overall I recommend it with caution but I will never watch it again ever and it was pretty sleazy and tasteless but I've seen worse movies that were pointless. More of a 2.5 out of 5 stars.
    Matt S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 07, 2009
    <div style="width:280px;"><a href="http://www.flixster.com/photos/feed-12063248"><img src="http://content6.flixster.com/photo/12/06/32/12063248_ori.jpg" border="0"/></a><div style="text-align:center;font-size:10px;"><a href="http://www.flixster.com </a></div></div><div style="width:280px;"><a href="http://www.flixster.com/photos/feed-12063253"><img src="http://content7.flixster.com/photo/12/06/32/12063253_ori.jpg" border="0"/></a><div style="text-align:center;font-size:10px;"><a href="http://www.flixster.com"></a></div></div> <div style="width:280px;"><a href="http://www.flixster.com/photos/feed-12063258"><img src="http://content8.flixster.com/photo/12/06/32/12063258_ori.jpg" border="0"/></a><div style="text-align:center;font-size:10px;"><a href="http://www.flixster.com"><B><I>Feed</I></B></a> </div></div> <I>Feed, </I> (2004). WRITTEN BY: Kieran Galvin and Alex O'Loughlin. DIRECTED BY: Brett Leonard FEATURING: Alex O'Loughlin, Patrick Thompson, Gabby Millgate, and Jack Thompson PLOT: A psychopathic opportunist known as a "Feeder" enables bedridden morbidly obese women to grow even more grossly overweight to the point of becoming completely immobile. As their caretaker, he keeps them alive, but gradually feeds them to death. All the while, he films them for a pornographic website and runs a deadpool based on their life expectancy. An Australian detective hacks the website and tracks the webhost to Ohio where he then pursues him. I found Feed to be one of the most interesting horror movies that I have seen in awhile . It is not great art, but it is entertaining if one is not offended by the grotesque. Many find it too disturbing and repulsive to watch, and it is delightfully weird. Of course I am a very sick girl in need of psychiatric help. (That's OK---I have plenty of medicine). COMMENTS: Feed is a mystery/suspense crime thriller about a detective trying to unravel the enigma of a disturbingly perverse Internet fetish network. In Feed, an Australian police investigator named Patrick Thompson (Jackson) travels to Ohio to find the source of what appears to be a clandestine Internet site for enthusiasts with a fetish for morbidly obese women, referred to as "gainers." The women seem to be held captive and are so fat that they are bedridden weighing 500 pounds plus. They are fed a steady high caloric diet by the site administrator, Michael Carter (O'Loughlin) known in the industry as a "feeder." The investigator tracks down and confronts the feeder at his residence, but cannot find his clandestine Internet set where the victims are confined. He does discover in the course of his investigation that the women featured on the site end up becoming missing persons. The detective is able to discern that Carter is literally feeding the women to death and feels compelled to locate the transmission site at any cost, regardless of US law. The grotesque nature of the case, as well as the effect of Carter forcing the detective to analyze his own psycho-sexual dysfunctions causes Thompson to begin losing his sanity. In pursuing the feeder, he begins breaking the law himself with no regard for the potential legal consequences of his actions. Carter is a sexually tormented psychopath who is always a step ahead of his nemesis. He taunts the investigator while carrying out a far more devious and twisted scheme than the Aussie cop could ever expect, including fattening up his own sister for presentation on the site. As Thompson becomes entangled in this world of perversion, both he and Carter begin to display inconsistent character traits. As their personalities disintegrate, they clash violently as a no-holds barred, high stakes cat and mouse pursuit ensues between them. <I>Feed</I> is a graphic, fictitious film inspired by actual contemporary fetishes and ends as perversely as it does unpredictably. It delves into such dark unpleasantries as homosexuality, cannibalism, mother-son incest, and brother-sister incest, with graphic depictions of sex and nude, extreme morbid obesity. WHAT THE CRITICS SAY: "The film is genuinely perverse throughout, packed with nudity and deviant sex, most of it in the form of scenes of masturbation and intercourse featuring horribly obese women . . . There are a few brief splatters of gore and violence towards the end, though most of the film?s nastiness comes through its frequent scenes of flying fat and vomit, a good deal of which is truly nauseating. As such, the whole affair has the queasy air of a freak show, though to be fair, Leonard clearly employs the material as a direct challenge to the viewer?s own prejudices and as a tool for exploring notions of societal acceptance and hypocrisy, and of the fine line between abuse and consent." -James Mudge, Beyond Hollywood <A HREF="http://www.flixster.com/videos?videoId=11055215">Click Here For Trailer</A> <div style="width:120px;font-size:10px;text-align:center;"></div><a href="http://www.flixster.com/videos?videoId=11055215"><img src="http://i2.ytimg.com/vi/YDrQKG1JmJY/default.jpg" border="0" /></a><div style="font-size:10px;width:120px;text-align:center;"><a href="http://www.flixster.com"><B><I>Feed</I></B></a> - movie trailer</div>
    Pamela D Super Reviewer
  • Feb 23, 2008
    A top notch gory thriller. Could have done with a bit less flashbacks to childhood for both the cop and the killer. Alex O'Lachlan, doesn't do as well as I expect of him all the time, but he pulls it off sufficiently enough. Some may find the ending cheeky but I found it suitable for a film with a derailed protagonist and that characteristically quirky-absurd spin so many thrillers go for. Off the top of my head, this is the only horror or thriller that has done the "death/serial killing over the net" concept, hell just the "multimedia, digital killer" concept, well. The pacing is steady and the gore and makeup are incredible. Really liked and was moved by (as in I felt sympathy for them) the Meiwes/Brandes tribute characters in the opening sequence (also serves up a solid second-long shot of charred penis in a frying pan). And pan-seared dicklet segues perfectly into the final touch: the "Most Fucked Up" highlight: There are PLENTY to choose from, but for me, it's the emotional control that the killer is proudly displaying over his victim to the cop in the climax.
    _kelly . Super Reviewer

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