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An advertising executive at risk of losing his job finds that inspiration can sometimes come from the least likely of places in a brotherly comedy about getting laid and getting the job done from director Pat Holden. Adman Ed Waxman (Brendan Fehr) has just been informed by the higher-ups that if he doesn't come up with a killer campaign in the next 48 hours, he can kiss his high-paying job goodbye. Though work is all Ed can think about as the weekend approaches and inspiration seems to take a vacation, the arrival of Ed's womanizing brother, Cooper (Chris Klein), finds the pair setting out on an altogether different mission: to find the overworked and undersexed Ed some fitting female companionship. Just as a series of disastrous encounters with everyone from single mothers to sultry strippers begins to convince Ed that his love life is in as much trouble as his professional life, the appearance of a woman who could quite possibly be Ed's soul mate provides a glimmer of hope that the situation may not be as dire as he previously thought.

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Chris Klein
as Cooper Waxman
Brendan Fehr
as Ed Waxman
Craig Fairbrass
as Frank Silver
Roger Haskett
as Mr. Waxman
Kristina Copeland
as Mrs. Waxman
Dustin Milligan
as Teenage Ed
Rudy Novak
as Ten-Year-Old Ed
Dakota Morton
as Teenage Cooper
Agnes M. Laan
as Scantily Clad Waitress No.1
Evelina Ortynski
as Scantily Clad Waitress No.2
Moneca Delain
as Crying Mourner
Kristi Angus
as Attractive Woman No.2
Ildiko Ferenczi
as Stripper No.1
Jennifer Walther
as Stripper No.2
Holly Eglington
as Stripper No.3
Jordana Frost
as Stripper No.4
C. Ernst Harth
as Gang Member
Brad Sihvon
as Mall Boy
Lesley Ewen
as Receptionist
Erica Cerra
as Attractive Woman No.1
Stefan Arngrim
as Bus Driver
J. Douglas Stewart
as Doctor No.2
Michael Rogers
as Bartender
Charles Payne
as Cop No.1
Alex Lee
as Female Cop
David Lewis
as Ed's Friend
Jim Smith
as Priest
Gustavo Febres
as Indian Turban Guy
Andy Thompson
as Officer Garcia
Mike Dopud
as Desk Sgt. Mahoney
Jerry Wasserman
as Gordon Lanson
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Critic Reviews for The Long Weekend

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If you're not a male between 17 and 23 and don't find the chance to see R-rated rejects from America's Funniest Home Videos a good thing, The Long Weekend will be a long and pointless haul.

Jun 8, 2006

...nary a laugh to be had unless you're one of those who finds toilet scenes and prison-rape jokes to be automatically hilarious.

Jun 8, 2006

Brendan Fehr and Chris Klein are both terrible. They have no comic timing, either with each other or the ill-conceived material.

Jun 9, 2006 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The Long Weekend

"Two Brothers. One Weekend. No Shame." To put into context just how bad this movie is, is really hard, but I'll try with this statement. It's a more retarded Dorm Daze 2. Yeah, I said it. This has to be the single worst Late Night Comedy I have ever seen. I'm not a fan of these type of movies, but every once in a while I can enjoy one. The genre has it's decent movies like the first American Pie(all the other ones suck) and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. But The Long Weekend is a movie(if you can call it that; I'd call it a result of a writer who's parents were brother and sister) that warrants no laughs, not one. If you like this movie; you're either 11 years old and are just realizing how great naked breasts are or you're a fucking idiot. Is that fair to say? You bet your sweet ass it is. The Long Weekend can't go 5 minutes without falling back on fart humor. Yeah, that's what we need more of in this world. This almost made me completely lose respect for Cobie Smulders, but I still like her. She's in the best show on tv and she's extremely beautiful. Too bad, she's only onscreen for around 5 minutes.  Just one more comment about this amazing piece of filmmaking(wink,wink). I wouldn't have been impressed with this if I had learned it was written by a monkey.

Melvin White
Melvin White

Super Reviewer

A pretty good comedy, similar in style to the American Pie films as a brother tries to help his Bro get laid over the weekend.....while his brother has to come up with the perfect ad campaign to save his job! Has some funny moments and situations but not quite as good as the earlier Pie films.

Dean King
Dean King

Super Reviewer

It's not really hot with sex comedy to me and Brendan Fehr's a loser by meeting any single mothers to strippers to desperate older ladies. I'm a bit jealous of Chris Klein by touching beautiful women's butts.

Dean McKenna
Dean McKenna

Super Reviewer

Didn't get the point of this movie...

Sanjaya  丘耀文
Sanjaya 丘耀文

Super Reviewer

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