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½ May 17, 2016
Spielberg's remake of "A Guy Named Joe" unfortunately feels just like a remake, many of the earliest scenes easily telegraphing what is to come as predictably as ... well, as just about any old movie. With that in mind the cast doesn't do too badly, it simply feels like an also ran. It looks like one of Audrey Hepburn's last roles. She plays an angel. Coincidence?
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June 17, 2006
Undeservedly somewhat forgotten Spielberg film that still has many wonders to offer, telling a great love story from beyond the grave. The great director's trademarks are there. Hints of the adventure film, great cinematography and just this certain feeling 1980s films can give you, maybe for the last time in a Spielberg film right here. Maybe a tad sappy at times, but with quite a few really memorable and touching scenes.
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July 6, 2011
This is Spielberg at his most Capra-esque. This is perhaps Spielberg's least well known feature, but that is, perhaps, because it's unfortunately not all that memorable.

As far as story goes, it is, in broad terms, Ghost a year before it came out. An aerial firefighter dies saving his best friend, but has to help his friends and lover move on before he can cross over. Very sentimental fantasy type stuff, but it is Spielberg, after all.

The film is a bit too long, and the script could be more compelling, but I actually liked this film (for the most part), which is why it's close to a pass, even if it doesn't quite earn it. Maybe I'm being kind because perhaps Spielberg was just in a rut between a good film (Empire of the Sun) and a great one (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade).

The film has okay music (though it doesn't really stand out), a decent cast with good performances, and some pretty good work where the special effects, cinematography, and execution of the aerial stuff is concerned. This film is notable for being Audrey Hepburn's last screen appearance, and, while it is nice to see her, she deserved to go out in something a tad better.

This is lesser Spielberg, but it still has it's merits. Maybe you should be like me and give it a chance. Maybe this film isn't all that bad, but just needs a little love.
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April 19, 2007
While there are some really fun moments, Always feels like about 3 different movies mashed together. The first twenty five minutes are really enjoyable and then it starts to wander around it's story and never gets back on it's feet.
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September 19, 2010
There was Ghost, but first, there was Always.
It's actually Stephen Spielberg's loose remake of a 1944 film, but this movie is magical. It's funny, it's exciting, it's emotionally's Spielberg.
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½ January 23, 2007
sad but very good
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½ October 17, 2006
Incredibly sad yet incredibly sweet. Love Holly and Richard's chemistry.
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March 15, 2007
Steven Spielberg's transcendent remake of 1943 film A Guy Named Joe is good touching, funny, life-affirming, and lightweight. And there goes the lastest film of my favourite idol, Audrey Hepburn, who appeared cameo.
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½ March 3, 2007
One of Spielberg's worst.
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½ February 12, 2007
Good flick with a great cast.
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½ January 10, 2007
Dreary fantasy romance that sees Richard Dreyfus stalking fiancee Holly Hunter from beyond the grave. Tries to capture the magic of classics such as Its A Wonderful Life and A Matter Of Life And Death, but is far too forced and contrived. A rare misfire from Steven Spielberg.
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December 12, 2011
A heartwarming drama, but slow moving and quite weak on the character development and setting. I recently heard its a remake of a 1943 film; A Guy Named Joe, while Spielberg himself decided not to treat it like that. Not an satisfying film overall but I think it's pretty watchable.
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June 7, 2008
I've never thought very much of Ghost, but it's way better than this. Not even Spielberg is perfect.
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½ April 6, 2009
Pretty good as i remember it. Good storyline with quite interesting charectors.
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October 21, 2008
Another great movie by Steven Spielberg. This time, starring the ever wonderful actor Richard Dreyfuss, along with Holly Hunter and John Goodman as wonderful amusing supporting cast. A firefighter movie in the mountains, Dreyfuss portrays a pilot performing dangerous missions to assist with the Firefighters putting out dangerous fires. After a tragic accident, Dreyfuss is left on this earth to linger around his friends and help assist another pilot that is oddly the same as him only younger, played by Brad Johnson. A wonderful romantic comedy, and a tearjerker. Also, a great cameo by Audrey Hepburn herself. One of my favorites.
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½ December 10, 2007
A beautiful movie!
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October 22, 2007
I began watching Always for three reasons...Holly Hunter, John Goodman and Steven Spielberg. When it was all said and done, I regret having started. Don't get me wrong, Holly Hunter and John Goodman were good in their roles and the movie definitely had "the look" of a Spielberg adventure film. But, I just found the story to be sappy, dull and predictable. Yawn...
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½ August 7, 2007
An under-rated romantic drama that's just as good as Ghost but less people have seen this.
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February 26, 2007
I remember this like it was yesterday (If I got amnesia today). Blech.
September 1, 2015
This seems like an odd movie for Spielberg, and I've seen 1941. Had he or the writer played with the rules of the movie, it could have been better.
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