Gone Reviews

March 13, 2007
First-time director Ringan Ledwidge conjures up an effectively creepy mood to accompany three young backpackers on an ill-fated road trip across the Aussie desert.
March 8, 2007
Gone but not forgotten.
April 21, 2012
April 26, 2011
July 21, 2007
...suffers from an egregiously laid-back pace that ultimately negates its few positive attributes...
July 14, 2007
Debut feature for tv commercials director Ringan Ledwidge shows he has an innate sense of cinema, and handles the genre well and the outback looks gritty but great
April 24, 2007
Solid direction and well shot visuals cannot overcome the inherent problems from the mixed performances, thin script, off-putting characterizations, and languished pacing
March 8, 2007
In the end, the script lets the film down with its obvious twists, its naggingly illogical narrative and a general pointlessness.
March 8, 2007
A final reel of arterial spray splatter empties itself in record time and when Gone finally gets going, it's gone too soon.
March 8, 2007
You may be able to work out where it's going, but it's an enjoyable ride nonetheless.