Pathology Reviews

November 17, 2011
April 25, 2008
Gleefully brimming with body parts and bad behavior, Pathology is a fun piece of flamboyant tastelessness.
April 23, 2008
Like its characters, the pic is too clever for its own good, allowing the meticulously researched scenario to be undone by implausible behavior and gaping plot holes.
April 21, 2008
A particularly nasty slice of medical-themed horror, Marc Scholermann's film is the sort of thriller in which the tenderest scene depicts an autopsy.
April 21, 2008
Much like Crank, it's the guiltiest of guilty pleasures.
April 21, 2008
Even squeamish viewers are apt to be captivated by the tight, credible scripting; these 20-somethings talk and behave like today's irony-clad young sophisticates. And whatever your opinion of the subject matter, you can't fault the filmmaking.