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July 30, 2016
Bad remake, Had some gory deaths but it was silly and a big let down.
May 30, 2016
Good cast, poor script and cruddy graphics the fires look like they were made in Microsoft Art. I did like the zombies they were fast, worked well together and had more brain function than your normal walkers.
November 29, 2015
Day of the Dead had a clichà (C)d story and characters, additionally characters were seemingly cheesy and lacked interest.
The story however had potential, the driven narrative had begun hopeful but seemed to have steered towards blandness in the end with half the group alive and well (again clichà (C)d). Even though i've not seen the original version done by the horror master George A. Romero, I can instantly tell the original one would be much better.
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October 20, 2015
Here is what happens when a third-rate director remakes a George Romero zombie film: he subtracts any social-political subtext and throws in cheap scares, stupid dialogue, cute but lame actors and, worse, a vegetarian zombie in love.
½ September 25, 2015
This zombie flick is particularly unentertaining while being unfaithful to the original. It does however, feature zombie spider-men hopping and crawling around.
August 25, 2015
A pretty loose and pretty dull re-make. The 21st century obsession with Zombies has to end soon, right?...right...?
½ February 13, 2015
Complete garbage compared to the classic with horrible acting and bad character developing.
November 20, 2014
Completely different from the original. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Good as its own movie.
October 18, 2014
INTENSE zombie action film that'll kick your adrenaline rush into high gear and have you bouncing off the walls all night long!
½ August 27, 2014
This movie is dreadful just a god awful film with no brains at all. the story is boring and the director of this movie did Halloween H20 so I knew this movie is not going to be good.
August 7, 2014
Not really a fav for me
June 16, 2014
Another good zombie remake, very overlooked and underrated i don't know why it wasnt released in theaters. It has an insane amount of awesome action but DOES NOT leave out a good story explaining a lot.
½ May 21, 2014
A completely average affair, but substantially better than I was expecting... Frankly, this was only a loose remake of the original film that kept some story elements and tones from the original such as zombie humanization and military action! That aside, the movie presented some god awful characters and some over the top zombie action... However, I was never bored when watching!
March 8, 2014
Thoroughly enjoyed this one of the better zombie films I've seen!
½ February 12, 2014
One of the worst remakes ever
November 3, 2013
Perfect from the start!Its bloody brilliant although its a copy from the original movie,this one is nerve racking scary
October 27, 2013
I can't believe people actually like tjis crap.
½ October 14, 2013
This film didn't make sense on so many different levels. Now, of course, it's a work of fantasy but I strongly believe that a story can be a complete fiction and still make sense in its own set of rules. This one doesn't have any. A few minor spoilers to illustrate the point: the little town this is set in is literally a dead end - there's only a single road in or out. I'd like to see the topography. All soldiers sent in to quarantine the town are armed, except one, and others even make fun of him. He's essentially this film's Jar Jar Binks. Another soldier is issued a gun but no ammunition - and this is never explained. Said soldier abandons her post, uses a military vehicle to make private house calls and doesn't even get frowned at by her superior officer. The infection takes precisely as long to break out as it needs to - call it Gandalf. A few zombies retain their personality but only those that make the story more interesting. Add to that a few bland characters that you couldn't care less about and one black character that's so stereotypical it's almost offensive. On the whole the movie tries and fails to copy from big names of the genre, not only the original Day of the Dead but also 28 Days Later and Resident Evil. Sadly, the result is not even remotely scary nor inventive. It gets 1.5 only because the gory visuals reminded me of what World War Z should have looked like.
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½ October 6, 2013
A rather "corny" part of the Dead series, with that sort of B-movie style. Another thing I didn't like: In the original 1985 film, is the most fun, gruesome death scenes of all time, where Captain Rhodes gets torn to shreds by zombies. A classical scene in cinema history. Yet, in this one, all I get is Nick Cannon screaming for help in the distance, unable to see anything. A shame. But it was still fun. Not the best, however.
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