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June 11, 2017
Honestly I would have given this movie zeiro stars if possible. The description intrigued me enough to give it a try but now I realize it was 2 hours of my life that I will never get back. I thought, secret society, American Civil War, blood pact . . . How bad could it be? Let me answer that question for you. Very, very bad. No real resolution, super weak "love" story - you don't care about any of these people and by the end of the movie you are just waiting for the credits to roll.
April 9, 2011
One of the worst movies I've ever see. It stars Malcolm McDowell and the guy from JAG. It's amazing how bad this film is. Has a good idea about a secret society, etc., but then goes horribly wrong with the religious stuff. Really really bad ending.

Two of my buddies watched this film together, and after living through this terrible experience, we felt we needed to share this experience with anybody we could talk into watching this pile of crap. So yeah, we'd talk the movie up to people to get them to watch it. We'd always say that the ending is the best part, with a nice twist at the very end. That ensures that they watch til the end. I've probably got about ten or so people to watch this film based on my recommendation... and that's about ten or so people that seriously got BURNED!
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½ August 26, 2010
Had high hopes for it, but wasn't as good as I had hoped.
½ August 17, 2010
la recomiendo muy buena pelicula me refleje puesto a mi personalidad
½ October 26, 2009
With the exception of a scenery chewing Malcolm McDowell, The List is not one to add to yours of movies to watch. The direction and pacing is all over the shop and the two leads cant act for toffee. It promises to pick up in the second half and instead flails around limply looking for something interesting to do.
½ June 15, 2009
"God's children and his enemies make the same mistake. They both underestimate the power of prayer. Let's keep praying."

Let me rip that apart real quick. First off, the greedy men weren't really enemies of god, they were just greedy men. How wanting money and power aromatically make you enemies of god, who knows. Second, "let's keep praying". Dude was praying for money. He was praying for an inheritance from his dad who he hated. So yeah, he just wanted money that wasn't his. Again, greedy. In the end after much much boring dialog where the man guy jumps into a redneck country accent only when he talks to the girl (who is probably his sister) who he falls in love with he decides not to use his magic powers to kill his sister and instead becomes good (but only because he is in jail and wants to get out). So.. yea.. I would NOT say 1) that dude was good guy. 2) This movie was a good movie.
April 27, 2009
A relatively good story (or at least a good concept) cannot prevent a certain disappointment. Nothing truly logical here, and there was
½ April 6, 2009
I rented the movie because Hilarie Burton and Mary Beth Peil were in the movie. The List was pretty good, with an interesting plot line, but at times it was boring. I was hoping to see Hilarie Burton in a role different from Peyton Sawyer, who she plays on One Tree Hill, but the characters were very similar.
½ March 29, 2009
It wasn't as bad as I expected, for being a Cristian movie there is, a lot better than Fireproof.
½ March 27, 2009
If you want a bit of a thriller with a clean, Christian presentation, this film will do it for you. It was a decent story line and the acting was good for a low budget film. It helps of course that there are a few big name actors on board. The ending though was unsatisfying, it felt like the story wasn't really resolved.
March 14, 2009
Robert Whitlow is one of my favorite authors. I like all of his books, but "The List" would probably be among my least favorite (battling with "The Sacrifice") and the one I would least expect them to make a movie out of (it features a scene set in Heaven). As a movie, though, it worked fairly well ("spoiler alert--" there are no scenes in Heaven in the movie) and was actually fairly enjoyable.

I notice that common criticisms seem to be of the directing and editing and I have to agree. Some of the shots--including one of Renny looking at a closet, as menacing music plays, are so manipulative it's like watching a children's show. There are also a couple of scenes that literally just ended--including one of the villain Desmon in which he a) seemed to be doing something important, that should lead to more and b) seemed to be cut off in mid-sentence. At least I had read the book, so I knew what should have happened, but it was really odd...

The other problem that people seem to have with the film is that it is religious. Apparently people can't figure that out from reading a plot description and maybe I wouldn't have either if I hadn't read the book and didn't already know what it was about. Since I had read the book, though, what most stood out to me was how many religious references are LEFT OUT of the film. Jo's Christianity is all but left out (thanking God for barbeque doesn't really count), Renny's and Mama A's receive even less mention (but I like the way Renny's was portrayed, the direction of that scene being the polar opposite of Renny and the closet); I seem to recall even villainous Desmond being a church-goer in the book; and as much that they did show of Daisy Stokes, there was a lot left out.. Since Robert Whitlow is probably one of the most outspoken Christian authors I read, I was actually DISAPPOINTED to see so much of that actually stripped from "The List," especially since I believe he was involved in the screenplay. Maybe they thought it would reach more of a mass audience, I'm not sure, but it's amusing to read the mass audience complain about what is probably about 1/5 of the religious content that was in the book..

Odd directing and pared-down religious references aside, I did manage to enjoy "The List." The actors (90% I had never heard of) were good and not too terribly different from how I pictured them in the book (I think the movie character of Bart was a lot better looking than the book character was described, but most of the others, Mama A especially, were pretty spot-on, actually) and the story was movie and really did work a lot more for a movie than I expected. It was nice to see Robert Whitlow's words "come to life" and I am hoping he decides to continue with that, because he has a couple of books ("Jimmy," and "The Trial," which I think actually may be in the works) that would really adapt well as movies, so I hope to get the chance to see them.
February 14, 2009
it should say somewhere on it that it's an inspirational movie... maybe I would have liked it better if I had known that from the get-go
½ February 14, 2009
It's well-acted, and the story is kind of interesting, but parts of it (important parts) are really corny. The director tends to make mundane things dramatic and crazy things ordinary. And where does the List get its magic Satan power from?
February 13, 2009
The cuts are too choppy, with little time taken to convey relationships, setting or anything beside the basic plot line. Even some of the business is out of place and could have been replaced with visual clues with some sort of depth. Dialog misses a lot as well.

The beginning scenes setting up the origin of The List are hard to read and shot at several awkward angles to give it a 'something's up' feel.

The scene where Renny is discovering his dad's study wins the Paper Plate award for Pointless Use of a Suspenseful Orchestra Hit, as the moaning and whispering suspense builds to a climax of.... nothing. He turns on a light and there's nothing there. It is quickly moved on from, as most things are.

There are so many more things that are so out of place. (Did I just see a tightened shirt wearing Renny run slow motion through a hospital hallway, knocking stuff out of doctors hands?)

As for the faith aspect, I think they could have done better. There are PLENTY of really good true stories involving spiritual matters. The sinister nature of The List could have been beefed up more, but I wonder if it would have made it less believable to the unfamiliar audience. Then again, it might have been the suspense that could have saved the movie. The romance sure didn't save it...
½ February 8, 2009
horrible, boring, not worth the rental
January 19, 2009
A must see for those who have felt the power of prayer in their lives.
½ January 13, 2009
Not bad. Usual battle between good and evil and the moralistic question.
January 2, 2009
Wow. Possibility of having a good story, but it did not follow through. Not a good movie.
December 14, 2008
Excellent film. I'd recommend this to anyone who believes in the existence of spiritual warfare and the power of prayer.
½ December 1, 2008
I'm giving this 2.5 stars because there were too many unanswered questions, although it has the potential to be much better. Now, I want to read the book.
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