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June 12, 2013
Stewart: You're all the sorriest bunch of sinners I've ever seen!

"The Guilty Cannot Hide"

House is an awful Christian themed, psychological horror film that doesn't really offer anything new to the "stuck in a house with a killer" storyline. The film is weak in scares, is terribly acted, and the writing is beyond bad. I'm beginning to wonder why Michael Madsen continuously shows up in awful direct to DVD bullshit like this. He's the "big name" in this cast and he's only on screen for probably 10 minutes of the movie. 

Two couples who both blow their tires on the same abandoned road in rural Alabama find shelter in a bed and breakfast style house on the same road. The people who own the place are a bit odd and when a lunatic shows up outside the house telling them that he needs one dead body before sunrise or all of them will die, the four visitors begin searching for a way out. The staff doesn't offer them to much help either.

As a horror fan, I'm always willing to give movies like this a chance to surprise me, but in the end, House was nothing but a waste of time. The movie is stupid, cliche, and chock full of mistakes. I get what the movie was going for, but it was done very lazily and uses familiar devices to try to get that point across. It's predictable and pointless. Pass on this one.
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½ August 15, 2009
Saw this one after my mom recommended it and have to say I rather enjoyed it. It's better than Haunting in Connecticut but not as good as Last House on the Left, in my opinion.
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½ April 29, 2009
The most derivative supernatural story I've seen in a long while complete with a backwoods house that feeds on your guilt, creepy employees, a "surprise" revelation as to the killer's identity, a helpful spirit in the form of a girl and a highly overused ending. Complete waste of time.
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½ July 2, 2011
A pretty good horror flick with an interesting twist.
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½ March 15, 2009
On the basis of House, an adaptation of the novel by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, it happens when the story unexpectedly shifts gears from one style to another. The first half of this movie is enjoyable, not because it was quality horror film-making, but because the clichés were so obvious and abundant that it was actually kind of fun. Without warning, the tone of House completely changes, pulling away from the campy good humor of its archetypes and relying more on a serious, surrealistic sense of atmosphere. It essentially becomes an entirely different movie, still cliché, but not nearly as much fun. There are two characters that don't make much sense. One is a mysterious figure called the Tin Man, who keeps trying to break into the house. The other nonsensical character is a teenage girl named Susan (Allana Bale), whose look had to have been inspired by Mezco Toyz's Living Dead Dolls. She mysteriously pops up now and then to help our four victims, seeming like a frightened child but knowing a lot about what's going on and why. Not that she reveals a great deal; most of her dialogue is intentionally ambiguous, which can only go so far without getting annoying. Susan is a confusing character in an equally confusing movie, which is a shame since the initial lack of plot and reliance on clichés worked in its favor. House is a bait-and-switch horror movie, promising one thing and delivering something else. It draws us in with a none-too-subtle sense of parody, but before long, it turns into a serious and baffling supernatural thriller. It then reverts back to parody, ending with classic horror movie overkill, this only would have worked had the entire movie gone in the same direction.
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½ November 9, 2008
Swaps tension and suspense for special effects, transparent moralizing, and a twist that proves less than surprising.
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½ September 26, 2009
The film that falls exactly on the middle of beauty and ugliness. The film isn't a masterpiece, obviously. But the great twist on the ending gave it the little factor for it to have at least two and half stars, as I see it.
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½ June 14, 2009
A well though out film about good and evil and a married couple with a tragic past thrown into the middle of it. Sadly the film falls flat on it's face with some sub-par acting and a been there seen that style of cinematography. The stand outs in the films are the two veteran actors Bill Moseley and Michael Madsen, but not even they could save the film which was barely watchable at best.
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½ April 14, 2009
No rhyme, no reason. No scares, no gore. No mas. Boring, unintelligent, unexplained, confusing, allready been done before drivel that despite a somewhat promising idea, becomes just a hot mess.
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November 7, 2008
When a self absorbed couple are on there way to a counseling session to try and save there marriage they get alot more then they bargained for when there tires blow out on the side of the road once that happens they find themselves out in the rain and make there way to the Wayside Inn a rundown B&B where they meet up with another equally self absorbed couple and from that things get even worse as they are now terrorized by the owners of this place and a masked killer known as the *Tin Man* who demands what dead body before sunrise now they must find a way out of this crazy house and away from these people but the further they get inside the more horrifying there ordeal becomes. I shouldnt have even wrote a huge review for this one cause i just wasted more of my time just like i did watching this very unscary movie that just ended up confusing by the end two stars for the scenes of Michael Madsen who wasnt used great in this movie and the same goes for Bill Moseley watch at your own risk i did and that didnt turn out well.
May 3, 2014
One line summary: Extended guilt trips for two couples with ugly secrets.


Jack and Stephanie (a writer and a singer) drive in Alabama. Jack is driving too fast, and a cop passes him. The cop had gone ahead to block off part of the road next to an accident. Jack runs over some of the cop's cones, so they have a conversation. Jack asks for the quickest way back to the Interstate, and the cop gives them a shortcut. This turns out very badly: there is a car partially blocking the dirt road, and a do-it-yourself spike strip over the rest of the path. So, they are in the middle of nowhere with two flat tires and one spare.

Jack and Stephanie find a house with lights on inside, which looks promising. There is a guest register. Randy and Leslie (grad student in psychology, and a real estate developer) are the other involuntary 'guests,' who also ran over the same sharp iron and got flats on their BMW. Shortly after the two couples start exploring, the electricity goes out, and the men go looking for the generator.

The owners, Stewart and Betty, plus son Pete, greet them and give them some so-so news, like indifferent telephone service, no likelihood of tow trucks coming in the night, and 20 USD/person to stay the night. Pete does fix the electricity, and Betty sets a nice table.

At the dinner, the weirdness starts. The ice is impossibly cold, visions start showing up, the owners are rather menacing. When Leslie tries to leave, a menacing figure shows up at the front lawn. Betty is rather discouraged, and asks them what they did in order to bring forth the Tin Man. Leslie starts reading newspaper clippings glued to a wall, recounting an accident some years past.

Betty identifies the figure as the Tin Man. She says that he comes only for the guilty. The Tin Man drops in a tin can with rules on it. They need to deliver a body to the Tin Man by morning, or else he will kill all of them. Stewart and Betty attempt to lock the quartet in the meat locker, but they fight back.

So, do any of the protagonists survive? Just who are Stewart, Betty, Pete, and Tin Man, anyway? Do the guilty secrets of the young quartet surface? What secrets are contained in the house?


Cinematography: 7/10 Too dark, with focus a bit too soft.

Sound: 5/10 A bit hollow at times. Also, the synchronisation between actors' lips and spoken words is off, giving the impression that the whole thing is dubbed without sub-titles.

Acting: 6/10 Not great, but better than in many similar films. Lew Temple, Leslie Easterbrook, Bill Moseley, and Michael Madsen were fine, though Madsen's role was rather short.

Screenplay: 5/10 Familiar themes with not much original, though the ending did seem to be borrowed from another genre. The story does move right along.
April 24, 2014
A putrid film with way to many sub-plots and a stupid twist ending.
The worst part about the movie, is if it had been done right, it could've been similar to The Shining.
½ July 2, 2013
Pronounced christian themes throughout this slightly confused Gothic horror tale. It's not a bad story, good themes of redemption and forgiveness and how we hold ourselves and others accountable for sins or perceived sins, it's just told in a muddled way. A couple of interesting twists and turns, although you really see them coming, and no real scares, but still a decent watch.
½ April 15, 2009
House (Robby Henson, 2007)

I didn't realize when I started watching Robby Henson (Pharaoh's Army)'s House that is was based on a collaborative novel between Frank Peretti (an author whose work I found, let's say, wanting) and Ted Dekker (whose stuff I like a great deal better). In other words, it's a "Christian movie." With, I gotta say, a pretty durned weird cast for a "Christian movie." But, as is usually the case, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll just finish off the opening paragraph with a great, great quote from another review, published on 9Nov2008 by a user with the nick m_walker_731: "The acting was typical Christian-movie acting. There's an old saying in the Christian Film industry. 'We cannot take the able and make them faithful; we must take the faithful, and God will make them able.' This is no exception. " Oh, that's what I call a quotable review. (I should, since I just quoted it...)

Plot: Jack (She Hate Me's Reynaldo Rosales) and Stephanie (Mexican Werewolf in Texas' Heidi Dippold in, as of this writing, her final screen appearance) Singleton are lost on a back road, as is often the case in horror films, on their way to Birmingham, AL. Jack is driving too fast while arguing with Stephanie; we soon find out (this is not a spoiler, it's part of the jacket copy) that their child recently died, and each of them blames the other for her death, leading to a lot of this sort of festering argument. These distractions cause a near-miss accident, the side effects of which leave their car inoperable; they wander off and stumble upon a hotel in the middle of nowhere. When they go in, they find the lights out, but also find Randy Messarue (Curse of the Komodo's J. P. Taylor) and his fiancee Leslie Taylor (Hitch's Julie Ann Emery), the owners of the BMW Jack clipped. The four of them wander around, and finally discover the place's owners (who were down in the basement fixing the fusebox): Betty and Stewart (Leslie Easterbrook and Bill Moseley, both veterans of The Devil's Rejects) and their creepy, possibly mentally challenged son Pete (Lawless' Lou Temple). Everything starts out about as normal as it can be, but the guests soon realize the inhabitants of the house-and possibly the house itself-know more about them than is possible...

And thus I find myself back at that quote. Now, if you know me in meatspace (or if you've been following my reviews long enough for the equivalent), this may shock you, but I did the born-again thing for a couple of years back in the mid-eighties, and as a part of that, I saw more than a handful of films from m_walker_731's Christian Film Industry. And I'll tell you what-things are WAY better twenty years and change later than they were back then. In 1985, the idea that someone who'd made a mark in the secular world, like Moseley or Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs), would show up in something from the C.F.I. was patently ridiculous. And now, well, here we are. Madsen and Moseley have admittedly small roles, but they're here, and Easterbrook is just as crazy as she was in The Devil's Rejects. I wasn't quite as impressed with our four guests-of them, Rosales turns in the best performance by far, but there's no one terribly embarrassing here; the industry has come a long, long way from Dino DeFilippi's laughable performance in 1970's The Cross and the Switchblade.

Speaking specifically as a non-Christian here (but one who, as I mentioned before, gets a kick out of Ted Dekker's novels), I found this to be watchable, if nothing special. Another thing to note about m_walker_731's review is the assertion that this movie will make a great deal more sense to those who've read the novel. There are bits where I did find myself wondering what in the world was going on, but they were brief enough; I usually had my feet pretty firmly enmeshed in the plot. Not something to avoid, but not necessarily something to go out of the way for unless you're a big fan of one of the principals here. ** 1/2
½ April 12, 2012
A ridiculous laugh a minute Christian themed horror film that serves as fear propaganda and can't even save itself with a worthwhile story. Religion was about love once, remember that?
February 18, 2012
Not a bad movie overall. Probably more of a time filler than anything but still a pretty decent movie. I think the twist at the end was not as foreseen as one might think.
½ July 12, 2011
A nice surprising twist ending, but that doesn't mean it's a great movie. Overall, House is another average film, not bad but not amazing. Their were many parts where it could of been much better, but all-in-all, I enjoyed it for the most part.

It defiantly doesn't deserve a 0%, more along the lines of a 40-50% rating.
July 24, 2011
interesting movie to say the least. Weird, almost trippy way of dealing with redemption & loss. It played like a house on haunted hill, or "scary house" movie, but had deep religious themes. good movie.
June 9, 2011
After seeing the zero percent critic number, I wasn't sure what to expect with this film. Maybe it's because my expectations were set really low but I really enjoyed it! The story moved quickly, the acting was consistently good, and there were some good plot twists. I guess it's true that it doesn't deliver much of a scare if that's what you're looking for, but as a suspenseful thriller it's definitely worth the watch!
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