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June 9, 2017
Appaloosa starts out with the feel of a classic Western. The good guys stroll into town and begin their mission of freeing the townsfolk of some oppressive bad guys. It moved so quickly into the action that I started to wonder how they were going to stretch it out to feature length. But there are some complications that arise and it becomes a much longer ordeal.

The cast is overloaded with great actors who genuinely seem to fit in a Western. Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen are great as the pair of tough-as-nails lawmen who stroll into town. I like their interplay with one another and they seem to be in control from the start. Jeremy Irons is a delight as the villain. He has a number of evil moments, but even just his presence comes across as dangerous.

Most of my problems with Appaloosa revolve around Renee Zellweger. For starters she does not feel authentic to the era, she's a modern character shoved in attire from the old west. Her character is such a frustration in the story as well. Some of that is intended but it makes so many of the events irritating or unsatisfying. The conclusion of her story in the film made me chuckle, it was so stupid.

The only other struggle I had with Appaloosa was the passage of time. They didn't make it clear when time had jumped ahead. There were just these awkward moments when it seemed like things had progressed so far between scenes and I thought "Oh, this must be months later or something." Simply making more use of the Viggo Mortensen voiceover they used in the beginning and end would have solved this easily enough.

I still enjoyed the movie, though. It has some great showdowns that have that tension and excitement you want in any Western. It also has a few twists and turns in the plot I didn't expect. Plus all that solid acting was just a treat. You can see I had some complaints with Appaloosa, but my general investment in the characters and interest in the story made it enjoyable, even if I won't necessarily seek it out again.
½ May 28, 2017
Jesus, Renee Zellwegger is horrible. The moment she comes into town with her chipmunk cheeks and frozen expression you just know she is going to ruin every scene she is in... And she does! Otherwise i really liked it. 5 stars for Appaloosa and negative 1&1/2 for the movie killer, Renee.
½ March 13, 2017
Pretty good. Slow at times, but story moved along.
February 28, 2017
Probably the most underrated traditional western in recent memory, 'Appaloosa' is well directed, shot, scripted, acted, paced, and scored. Ed Harris is his usual solid self, Jeremy Irons is a strong yet subtle antagonist, and Viggo Mortensen (a modern day underrated actor) plays the faithful sidekick with impeccable natural realism. Timothy Spall stands out as well in a minor character role, and Jeff Beal's catchy and memorable soundtrack supplements each scene admirably. What not to like? 4/5*
February 7, 2017
One of the est westerns you will see. I have read the book and seen the movie a good number of times and it's a gem
November 29, 2016
I liked this a lot. Definitely see it.
½ July 12, 2016
I've never written a review of a movie before, but I feel like shooting the director of this giant piece of shit in the foot with a colt 45 and leaving him out in the desert with nothing but a can of oil. Horrendous. Absolutely horrendous.
October 25, 2015
Undoubtedly the most boring Western I've ever sat through, Appaloosa is completely undeserving to even be mentioned in the same breath as films like Tombstone or 3:10 to Yuma. While it does feature some impressive landscape shots, and the very rare action scenes are a nice relief, the film is almost completely devoid of life. It may as well be retitled 'Harris & Mortensen: The Movie', for that's what we mostly get. Renée Zellweger plays one of the most annoying and useless female characters in recent memory, and her involvement means the films is padded with tedious scenes of sappy, superfluous romantic discourse. Throw in a confused performance from Jeremy Irons, a plot with no energy and a story with no direction, and you get a film too insufferable to sit though even once.
October 7, 2015
Not really fond of Wild Wild West story.
½ August 6, 2015
120825: Always enjoy a Western, and especially enjoy a modern one with high production values, but this one, even on second viewing, left me a little bit wanting. Can't put my finger on it. Really. Just wasn't totally convincing, or perhaps it just didn't set anynew ground. Always good to see Henriksen again.
July 30, 2015
I am a big fan of westerns and I love 3:10 to Yuma and westerns like that but this movie had about as much action as a princess movie and has as much blood as one too. The love triangle was stupid but the only thing good about the film was the chemistry between Viggo Mortenson and Ed Harris. I love both actors but this western does not deserve a lot of praise.
July 20, 2015
I liked this movie for the performance, but the story itself, Renée Zellweger and the beginning and endding credits soundtrack were awful. Without talking about the ending that was really weird (the character shouldn't have say anything it would be best)
½ June 7, 2015
This movie is shit. the plot has serious holes, the characters have no reason for what they do. it's stupid and ridiculous that any of you fucking so called critics can say it's a good film
½ May 5, 2015
After the first half hour I was thinking about stop watching. It was too slow for me and felt pretty empty, but after a while I grew to love Virgil (Ed Harris) and Everett (Viggo Mortensen) and their friendship. The movie itself overall looked gorgeous.
½ March 28, 2015
i loved it but i never hated renee zillwiger " and yes i km now i butcherd her name". more than anyother movies. played that role great. great western. you have to see it. well produced and great actors... it was a hard movie.. suggest u watch.
March 16, 2015
Stupendous. Appaloosa is everything I want in a modern Western. Great casting, historical accuracy, and a complex story that is splendidly clever and thrilling.
March 10, 2015
Good modern western movie. It has a good cast, who preform well and look like typical badass cowboys, making every scene with them enjoyable. The main downfall of this film is how it is kinda drawn out, pointless scenes go way longer than they should, with nothing being accomplished. I am a fan of longer movies, with their added depth and all, but this movie doesn't need to be longer, and dragging stuff out is a bad idea. The love story added in is ok, but takes up too much of the focus, and we don't see the bad guys enough. Cinematography is mostly good, script is too. We need to see more scenes like the shootouts in the bar and at the jail though. They happen so fast, yet are so great and exciting to watch, and although their accuracy is exaggerated, I feel like it's better with the gunfights being quick and well done. The ending is good, swift, and ties up most loose ends, except we don't know what happens to Randells crew of bandits, it would have made more sense had their retaliated to his death. Overall good enjoyable western movie, there's plants of good classics in this genre, but it's nice to see some new ones.
½ March 1, 2015
One of the better westerns I have seen. Viggo and Harris work well together, and there is a swagger in both the heroes and villains that is awesome.
½ February 17, 2015
I think Ms. Zellweger was miscast.
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