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July 6, 2019
A haunting, gentle film about humanity post-9/11; lonely, confused, and searching for meaning and connection in an increasingly confusing and chaotic world.
October 10, 2018
The Visitor, a quiet, touching film about a lonely economics professor's encounter with a Syrian man presents an interesting counterpoint to another movie that tackled the subject of immigration in 2008: Gran Torino.
August 28, 2013
THE VISITOR begs the question, "Is too late to try something new?" If your like the rest of the world, you want the answer to be "Never." THE VISITOR answers that in one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking ways you'll ever see.
January 4, 2012
First with "The Station Agent" and now with "The Visitor" (aka "Muukalainen"), actor-turned-director Tom McCarthy has quickly proven himself a master of the delicately-observed social drama.
April 28, 2011
The Visitor gives Richard Jenkins a chance to develop a character for the whole running time.
November 30, 2009
Un retrato sutil y sensible sobre la inesperada conexión que se produce entre cuatro personas de diferentes culturas y orígenes, y también una postal algo desencantada y agridulce de la Nueva York posterior al 11/9. Destacable actuación protagónica de Ric
May 14, 2009
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March 1, 2009
An interesting examination of the unusual relationship between a bored college professor and an illegal immigrant. There are some thought-provoking discussions in the film patched periodically with rough spots.
February 24, 2009
Tasting the bitter fruits of globalization
February 10, 2009
The astonishing sensitivity with which Richard Jenkins approaches his role is nicely complimented by the performances of other cast members.
February 1, 2009
The best movies are those that understand the human condition and have a personal vision. The Visitor is one of those rare creations. The Visitor is a parable of decency.
January 5, 2009
Jenkins, as always has a quiet, almost apologetic hesitation to his performance that serves him well as Walter....a very sweet and gentle film.
December 24, 2008
A showcase role for otherwise supporting actor Richard Jenkins, and he makes the most of it without ever being showy.
November 26, 2008
Exactly the type of movie the GOP would rather Americans not see, as it individualizes (rather than demonizes) its foreign characters and provides them with a collective voice that demands to be heard.
November 19, 2008
Uplifting and undeniably winning in its perceptive landscape, The Visitor is no stranger to compelling filmmaking rooted in gentleness and inspirational fortitude
October 9, 2008
It is a lovely, well-crafted, bittersweet little film.
October 3, 2008
Dabbles in messages and liberal guilt, but more importantly, it sets up a reasonable and genuine space for a fascinating and heartbreaking character.
September 9, 2008
It's a lovely, moving film, marked by memorable performances throughout.
August 29, 2008
A beautiful, quiet, measured movie about the death of some American values since September 11, 2001.
August 18, 2008
The tension dips occasionally but stick with it and you'll be richly rewarded.
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