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½ August 3, 2012
Personally I found it to be incredibly harrowing yet moving. Not sure how anyone can describe it as 'dull'! Draven puts in a brilliant performance, and I just found the whole thing to be beautifully shot. Rented it but would definitely buy a copy.
February 10, 2012
First off, there is absolutely no reason for this flick to be almost three hours long. That being said, 'Badland' is a pretty messed up drama about a traumatized war vet who the audience is asked to sympathize with after he kills his wife and two of his kids. The final scene is an ambiguous cop out, but everything leading up to it is unintentionally funny and tragic melodrama.
½ January 17, 2012
Applaud what this film is trying to do but it could have been 2 hours shorter!
½ January 16, 2012
Grace is a mesmerizing little actress and as much as I completely disliked this film I was drawn into it from a mothers perspective watching and being concerned about the character Selena... Like a fool because the ending through me for a loop and made me angry I watched the entirely too long movie... I gave it 2 1/2 stars instead of 1 because the acting was good.... I'd LOVE to know what the directors point of view is on the ending...
March 28, 2011
I like that this movie wasn't afraid to show the all to often darkness that some soldiers have in them when they come back from war but it was too cruel throughout to even respect that point. for an independent film the acting and cinematography was good but entirely too long.
½ January 14, 2011
Okay so I know I've been known to give spoilers before, and I know that, that usually doesn't make for a good review for many various reasons. However, this movie is so bad, I cannot fully describe to you how horrible this movie actually is without going through the movie as a whole. So if you don't want this movie spoiled stop reading after this next sentence. This movie sucked, and it sucked hard never watch it.

For those who don't care or are curious as to why I think it sucked here it goes.

So it starts out, and Jerry the protagonist has been dishonorably discharged from the military. He is working a dead end job in which he is being accused by his boss of stealing or getting the numbers wrong on the amount of propane sold (where's Hank Hill when you need him). He storms off and his boss fires him. He gets home and we see his family is living in complete poverty and he has three kids. Two sons and a daughter. The sons gave money to his wife and that angers him. It is also revealed that he has a soft spot for his daughter. We then witness he and his pregnant wife argue. Now profane language in a movie definitely doesn't bother me, especially considering that The Big Lebowski, Reservoir Dogs, Goodfellas, and Full Metal Jacket are some of my favorite films. However I feel that this movie uses it for no real reason at all other than to show that the marriage is falling apart. That's all fine and good but when every other word they're dropping the f bomb just because, that bothered me. Specifically for the fact that it felt that, that was the only way they could show the deterioration of the marriage.

So now the next day Jerry goes to his work place and finds that his buddy was the one that was stealing the propane and blaming him. He beats him up and Jerry goes into the shop like he was going to steal the money, but he leaves in a hurry leaving the cash register open and the store unlocked. This is where it gets confusing, the issue of the propane is never addressed again. Now he also finds that his wife is keeping money from him, yet the reason is never identified. This is also where the movie spirals out of control. The wife attempts to confront him about the money, but is interrupted by a phone call from the boss saying they were robbed and he accuses Jerry. During the phone call the wife says "we would be better off if you had died."

Jerry then proceeds to kill his pregnant wife, kill his two sons, attempts to kill his daughter, but he gun jams. His daughter begs for mercy and he turns the gun on himself, but his daughter persuades him not to. Okay so other than the unresolved issues I accept this. However, he and his daughter flee and the mood of the film completely shifts. It goes from the feeling of "holy crap he killed most of his family, what is he going to do" to " oh look at that father daughter road trip." The daughter basically convinces herself that everything will go back to normal eventually which I accept. That sounds like something a small child would do. However, the movie plays it off in such a way that it tries to get you to feel sorry for and side with a guy who murdered his family because of a mental break from his experiences from the war to home. Mental break or no there is no way that the movie should ever try to go with that approach. They then continue with this quasi fairy tale where he meets this nice girl and there seems to be some connection and they move in together. So now we have to accept and embrace the fact that he killed his family and is starting over. He then also sort of makes friends with another veteran who just got back. The veteran happens to be the sheriff. So he finds out who he is, and as a movie goer you then begin to question the following options. Does he kill the sheriff and keep running, or does he kill his daughter and himself, or even yet does he just kill himself.

Well he ends up taking the sheriff out for a ride, and might have killed him. That's right he pistol whips him a few times and he collapses and he drives out. So he might be dead or might not. Okay so what now you ask?

Well this is where it gets even better. He and his daughter run off, and it is revealed that he intends to drop his daughter off at an aunt's, and he would go his separate ways presumably to kill himself. So what happens? He and his daughter have a fight, he takes her out of the car and drives off. He looks back at her, gets distracted and hits a car. He gets out with a gun and sees the police heading right toward him. His daughter runs out to him and WHAM! gets hit by a car and killed. He runs to her body and cradles her in his arms and it fades to black.

Oh but wait there's more... It then is revealed that it is back to the beginning right before he shoots his wife and he just sits there thinking and it cuts to his daughter who has a mysterious look on her face. The movie ends with a still of her face.

So this movie has a few different interpretations. Was it all a dream and it happens to have the biggest cop out of an ending known as the "and then I woke up". Or was the little girl right, and god would send them back home and things would be better. Either way they both suck. The reason is that the audience is emotionally invested into the story even if it isn't much of one, and then everything that happened didn't or didn't matter so you watched it for nothing.

So you may be wondering is there anything good about this movie? The answer is hell no. All of the characters either flip flop worse than Kerry or are just static. For instance, the main character doesn't change ever, just may have killed his family. The daughter flip flops from following dad blindly to hating him. There is a reason she would change one time, but over and over again is just for purpose of melodrama. The only interesting character that they don't do enough with the sheriff played by Joe Morton.

I cannot accurately express my complete and utter disdain of this film, if you can even call it that. Do not waste your time with this garbage.
December 25, 2010
I think that I can pass on this one.
September 11, 2010
one of the worst movies ive seen in a while, and ive had my share of bad movies lately (thanks netflix!). what started as a somewhat realistic(however depressing) turned into 3 hours of "yea right" kind of moments. what a dull, depressing piece of crap. i just hope others heed the bad review from rotten tomatoes like it DID NOT. some of us have to learn the hard way i guess
½ August 30, 2010
I thought the performances were pretty excellent except a few accent mishaps here and there by the lead guy. I thought he was a pretty selfish a-hole overall ,but it is definately a growing issue that needs to be dealt with.
Super Reviewer
May 5, 2010
An ex vet kills his wife & 2 kids then goes to kill his daughter but the gun jams so he takes her on the run.Seems like 1/2 the time were suppose to feel sorry for him or something.I watched the movie just hoping he was gonna die a horrible death or something in the end
January 17, 2010
Very depressing movie but with a strong, and for the most part, believable storyline. Although I don't know if I could officially recommend it to anybody the message is so memorable that everybody should see it (strongly excluding most children).
October 30, 2009
Just plain great - one of the most unusual movies I have seen lately!
April 23, 2009
hell, i've never seen a movie in my life that left me behind more shocked than this one. it's a great picture, and, when you haven't watched it yet, do me a favour, watch it, or i bet you'll miss something big. it's about life, and how, going down the pit, you can loose faith in everything - even in the love to your family. personally, it hurt watching, but the tragedy of it is so much worth the pain. jamie draven was fantastic,even if, sometimes, you got the impression he was mixing the british accent a bit too much with the american one, and the story being told goes straight to the bones. just... awesome!
March 21, 2009
This is very much an indie film, so it doesn't have big name stars and it also doesn't have the budget that big blockbusters have, but what this movie does have a lot of is a really great story about an issue that many people don't like to talk about in public and that is what happens to the mental make up of a person when they come back from war and it also shows just how difficult it is to adjust. obviously, the lead character is an extreme point in case but generally movies do choose those cases to highlight just what has changed about the person. They say war is hell but how do soldiers readjust from being over in a situation where you could die any minute. Some do adjust and many don't ever get to the extreme case of the lead character, but all still carry memories that will never go away and will come back from time to time. my heart goes out to all soldiers and especially those who see much combat because they do sacrifice their whole selves.
December 5, 2008
Fantastic and powerful movie with a great storyline about the after-effects of being a soldier in Iraq, and how it affects your family when you come home.
December 4, 2008
Good flick, but been there done that.
May 13, 2008
a good anti-war-drama without even showing war scenes. The film's very sad.
war is so senseless...
March 14, 2008
i liked it. kind of a different story line that i think people can relate to right now since the guy is a veteran dealing with the issues that come with having been to war.
March 12, 2008
Everybody should go see this movie. EVERYBODY
December 30, 2007
An extra star for sheer nerve.
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