The Informers Reviews

September 12, 2017
It was a series of randomness that don't really offer much information or contribute to the overall point.
November 18, 2011
August 18, 2011
Heaven protect us from any more Bret Easton Ellis versions of Tales of the Empty Lives of Los Angeles.
July 5, 2011
Brad Renfro in his last movie role, playing a wannabe film actor who sprays out filthy perspiration like a collie emerging from a sewer. It's possible this role killed Renfro.
September 1, 2009
Rating less than zero on the sophistication scale, The Informers is thus a totally faithful adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' novel--and an accurate look at early '80s-era Los Angeles.
August 30, 2009
Imagine American Psycho with less violence but more nudity, transplanted from New York to California and stripped of all self-awareness. That's The Informers.
August 23, 2009
...a ninety-eight-minute snooze-fest.
August 10, 2009
bleak, boring and bloated.
July 24, 2009
It has a good cast and a terrific 1980s soundtrack (Devo, Simple Minds), but it also has the superficiality of a TV soap. The Informers is not so bad that you can't sit back and enjoy it, but nor is it good enough to go and see.
July 24, 2009
In structure and location the film resembles Robert Altman's Short Cuts, though it's much inferior and far less interesting.
July 24, 2009
While it's an occasionally unsettling piece - and comes with a big-name cast - the story never goes anywhere.
July 17, 2009
We may not care about these cokeheads, but only rarely does Jordan fall into knee-jerk retribution.
July 17, 2009
A lurid, soapy, moralistic melodrama so mucky you'll need a shower.
July 17, 2009
Directed by Gregor Jordan, Ellis's aimlessly dissolute collection of stories just doesn't hang together as a coherent whole.
July 17, 2009
There is a weird, almost comic absence of insight and perspective here. But it is a joke without humour and without a punchline.
July 17, 2009
This self-penned adaptation of his 1994 short story collection - a period piece set in 1983 Los Angeles - has supposedly been cut to ribbons, and it shows.
July 17, 2009
Jordan gives all this an entirely appropriate sheen and the cast play well through glazed eyes. The film will fascinate those who love to see the tormented lives of those who seem luckier than the rest of us.
July 17, 2009
Failing to work on so many levels, The Informers operates as a time capsule of 1983 and a time when substance was negated in favour of style. Sadly, this movie is severely lacking in both of those departments.
July 17, 2009
For diehard Ellis completists only.
July 17, 2009
It's an empty shell entertaining a nasty streak of misogyny, a single note ensemble piece that's very much less than zero.