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La Graine et le Mulet (The Secret of the Grain) (Couscous) Reviews

November 17, 2011
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July 10, 2009
Never sagging, it unfolds over 2 1/2 hours. Nothing is overexplained. Indeed, it takes us time to suss out Slimane's various familial relationships.
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June 13, 2009
Time stretches out to the limits of endurance, Slimane's and ours, and there are moments toward the conclusion of this picture when you will want to scream and throw things at the screen, but it's mesmerizing. When it does end, suddenly, it feels a little
May 7, 2009
A ponderous tragedy about put-upon manhood? A verite snoop into cultures that are sexually mingled but publicly uneasy? A pill to be swallowed in the name of serious filmgoing? Maybe all of these.
February 19, 2009
The Secret of the Grain takes one man, his children, their spouses and babies, his ex-wife, his girlfriend, her daughter, and his friends and turns it all into a masterpiece about the strange power of food -- to heal, unite, exasperate.
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January 29, 2009
Rather than observing this family, we feel we are part of it, and that draws us in as nothing else can.
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January 29, 2009
The French-Tunisian director Abdellatif Kechiche is that rare thing at the movies these days: an intelligent humanist.
January 23, 2009
The wonderful thing about Hafsia Herzi in The Secret of the the way she and the character tiptoe around the story's edges for a while, taking their time and easing onto the audience's radar.
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January 22, 2009
The Secret of the Grain never slows, always engages, may continue too long, but ends too soon. It is made of life itself.
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January 7, 2009
I wish The Secret of the Grain had another title, something that conveys the vibrancy teeming in this great drama of daily life -- something less grainy.
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January 5, 2009
[Director] Kechiche digs a good story out of the flux, and, in the movie's final forty minutes, the suspense is terrific.
December 29, 2008
The Secret Of The Grain is more complicated than it sounds, less geared toward uplift than in revealing the fault-lines within this sprawling, multi-generational family and between their immigrant culture and their French hosts.
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December 24, 2008
The cast is solid, with standout performances by first-timer Habib Boufares as Slimane.
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December 24, 2008
The richness of The Secret of the Grain lies in the close, tireless, enthusiastic attention it pays to the most mundane daily tasks.
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December 23, 2008
French-Tunisian writer-director-actor Abdellatif Kechiche's The Secret of the Grain is a sprawling yet intimate tale set among the Arab working class of the Mediterranean port Sète.
October 18, 2008
[A] captivating film.
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October 18, 2008
After two and a half hours, The Secret of the Grain, ends, as arbitrarily as it began.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
October 3, 2008
Give some patience to The Secret of the Grain and the rewards are there for the reaping.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
March 14, 2008
The film works on a slow burn but by the end it has become utterly engrossing.
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October 27, 2007
An overlong, dramatically unbalanced pic whose emotional wallop gets somewhat diffused.