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½ February 27, 2017
Bardot stars as a young woman who scandalizes St. Tropez. Wealthy Curd Jurgens wants to whisk her away in his yacht. Christian Marquand pretends to lover her, but really just wants to sleep with her. When her guardian threatens to ship her back to the orphanage she came from, Marquand's mousy younger brother Jean-Louis Trintignant offers to marry her. For her it's a marriage of convenience, but he really loves her. When she realizes this, she tries to be a good wife, but she can't really tame her wild spirit. This is trash, but it's extremely stylish and well-executed trash with a magnificent cast. Easily Vadim's best film.
November 21, 2016
Aside from its fantastic title and its postcard baiting locales a Europe attracted Alfred Hitchcock would kill for to claim for himself, Roger Vadim's "... And God Created Woman" has little going for it besides Brigitte Bardot's face and body (which, by any standard, are assets any film'd be lucky to be able to place as much on a pedestal as this movie does). But only for so long can a shapely eyeful cover up a lacking of substance, and Bardot doesn't have the charisma of Marilyn Monroe and Vadim isn't as joyous a filmmaker as, say, Russ Meyer. This is a movie Triple X by 1956's criterion but tediously G by 2016's. Plenty of movies as old as your favorite senior citizen have remained steamy over the years - fact is is that "... And God Created Woman" is all hype and no delivery, the sixty-year-old cinematic equivalent of "Pitchfork's" most widely covered new artist of 2010 to never have quite made it.
Bardot, of course, is a credible actress in her own right, one who would eventually headline vehicles worthy of her sex kitten persona (a la 1963's "Le Mepris" and 1965's "Viva Maria!"). But "... And God Created Woman," despite knowing how to competently photograph her, is flat melodrama that would benefit from "Peyton Place" (1957) theatricality. Softened by censors and given the stagey cinematographic trappings tacked on by CinemaScope, little heat is generated; carnality is something one has to search for, considering just how toned down Bardot's sexuality is and how wooden every performance surrounding her is.
The film's shimmeringly idealistic but portentously without immediacy. In it, Bardot is Juliette Hardy, an eighteen-year-old orphan so sexually insatiable her appetite can perhaps only parallel that of a twelve-year-old boy. But the difference lies in that she's actually getting some, and that the opposite sex actually takes her seriously (or, at least, takes her seriously as a one-night lay to be forgotten about). And she likes that attention: nothing much stops her from sunbathing nude, from socializing with the flirty vigor of a randy vixen, from sleeping around like a Long Island Lolita waiting for her Joey Buttafuoco. Her adoptive parents are perpetually on the edge of sending her back to the orphanage. The town seems ready to banish her at any given moment.
The liberated girl would rather live a life where's she's free to use to her body as a weapon, but since the conservative culture in which she's living would prefer she be the virgin in white to the temptress in black lingerie, she ultimately conforms and marries the twenty-one-year-old square Michel (Jean-Louis Trintignant), whom she weds as a way to get closer to his rugged older brother (Christian Marquand). But no matter the circumstance, "... And God Created Woman" is about the taming of this sexpot, and that, in itself, is a bore.
Because we don't necessarily want to see Juliette comply with what society wants- from Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" (1992) to Lily Powers in "Baby Face" (1933), we want to compulsively watch as Juliette uses men as a way to propel herself up to the top. There's a fascinating power to that dynamic, especially in a cinematic landscape afraid to express itself sexually. Vadim's reasoning to only slightly challenge the censors is disappointing - we want to see "... And God Created Woman" push further than "Lolita" (1962). Dismaying, then, that it seems like little more than a vaguely more risqué Sandra Dee vehicle.
But in spite of its paltriness, "... And God Created Woman" still warrants viewing as a result of the thrill of seeing Bardot at her prime. Maybe everything around her is not as electrifying to behold as she is. But so intriguing for the eyes and the loins is she that we don't much care if there's nothing else to attach ourselves to. It's only after watching the movie that we come to our senses.
½ August 28, 2016
kült film ama basic bir film, roger vadim in ünlü tanr? kad?n? yaratt? yap?t?.. brigitte bardot efsane güzelli?iyle büyülüyor.. 2 erkek karde?i ve zengin mosyo carradine i birbirine kat?yor. çok c?lg?n, de?i?ik bir karakter, sürekli dans ediyor vs..
August 8, 2016
Very good take on untamable beatiful woman, love, jealousy and family. Great colours and solid pacing. Music and Bardot work wonders together.
July 24, 2016
"...And God Created Woman" has evolved into a cultural curiosity. A film that was once scandalous for having a central character who has sex when and with whomever she pleases has evolved into an odd story of three men trying to tame her into submission and/or marriage. It's basically an hour and a half of slut shaming, periodically interrupted by beautiful views of Saint Tropez, made all the more strange due to the fact that Bardot was married to the director at the time, and then eventually went on to live with her co-star. But hey, I guess the sexual revolution had to start somewhere.
February 1, 2016
"That girl was made to destroy men!" This story of one gorgeous young woman's effect on four men of different ages is a bit silly and VERY male-gazey, but the colours of the late-50s Mediterranean are stunning and the film does contain probably the most beautiful actress who ever lived, so definitely not a waste of an hour or two.
June 20, 2015
Typical Bardot. Beautiful, but it became tedious.
½ December 29, 2014
Si usted quiere saber por que Brigitte Bardot era considerada un símbolo sexual a finales de la década del 50, debe ver la película de Roger Vadim "Y Dios Creó A La Mujer". Vadim utiliza una fotografía prodigiosa y unos colores más que refulgentes, como contexto para ubicar a esa fuerza de la naturaleza que es Bardot, en una cinta sobre una mujer que no sabe que hacer con su sexualidad.
September 23, 2014
BB. 80 years and woman of so many things. Not all positive, mind you. The film, beautiful in images and for sure a huge scandal in its time. Slightly boring as a story though. Somehow it does, thinking in retrospect, correspond a lot to the real life of BB.
½ July 22, 2014
this was a really cool film - i love the carefreeness and aesthetic of old french films. the film dealt with some interesting themes regarding womanhood and what qualities men value in women. i really liked the main female character and could relate to her as someone lonely and directionless whose looks and carefree lifestyle had ostracized her from the rest of the town. it was also interesting to see the way she herself struggled to fulfill the image the town had of her and project a false sense of carelessness and happiness. i think her behaviour, as well as the societal views associated with such behaviour as still very much present in our world today, which is a bit sad considering that this film was made in 1956.
½ July 12, 2014
It's hard not to fall in love with this movie. The images of sun soaked St. Tropez, Bardot beauty, unmistakable 50's climate and the absolutely fabulous french chic all contribute to this stylish and entertaining piece.
Super Reviewer
April 25, 2014
In "...And God Created Woman," Eric Carradine(Curd Jurgens) wants to build a waterfront casino in the south of France. And would, except for the fact that Antoine Tardieu(Christian Marquand) will not sell him the family shipbuilding business. What the two men have in common is Juliette(Brigitte Bardot), an 18-year old orphan who flirts with both of them. That and the nude sunbathing get her foster parents to send her back to the orphanage until she is 21. So, she pulls a runner before having second thoughts. That gives the guys enough time to consider her options which come down to either adoption or marriage...

The once shocking "...And God Created Woman" might seem tame by today's standards but is still risque enough to merit interest, especially in the movie's climactic nightclub scene. On the other hand, its message about society not knowing what to do with sexual women still resonates, as does the insight that the more restictive a society, the worse men will act. Even as the story is inconsistent, wavering between comedy and melodrama, there is still Brigitte Bardot who makes a great entrance. While it takes 30 minutes for anybody to notice Jean-Louis Trintignant, don't worry as he is only getting started.
April 24, 2014
Bardot is extremely sexy and annoying at the same time
April 2, 2014
The alluring visage of Brigitte Bardot, the free-spirited lady protagonist of ...And God Created Women, is enough to make the film thoroughly engaging.

Unfortunately, what should have been a total smash of a film is reigned in through the baggage of 2014 eyes. No longer are the views of women presented here something acceptable. And the casual way the film advocates these archaic views makes it all the more offensive. I guess there was a time when a casual women would be called all sorts of nasty words by men, and I guess it was expected that a woman's husband would sometimes need to get physical with her to "keep her in line", and perhaps seen through the shades of 1956 expectations, none of these things would feel out of line for the era.

But with it no longer being 1956 it's hard to just sit back and enjoy a film that so blatantly reinforces such a mindset. There is a film within ...And God Created Women. There is even a great film there. But it is couched in so much contempt that to modern eyes the whole thing gets stained.
March 8, 2014
Embora soe bastante raso em parte considerável do tempo, ilustra com certo brilho a ansiedade/desconforto de uma alma feminina ardente e sedenta de liberdade, que enfrenta, naturalmente, as convenções e modelos arcaicos de uma sociedade ainda em transição (que não a aceita talvez por não compreendê-la de fato). Mas claro, todo o glamour e energia desse "...E Deus Criou a Mulher" deve-se exclusivamente à força e sensualidade gritantes da bela Brigitte Bardot (sua dança final contagia até o maior dos puritanos).
February 3, 2014
Brigitte Bardot is unarguably sexy, but the story is really silly.
½ October 7, 2013
We can't recommend this little item as a sample of the best in Gallic films. It is clumsily put together and rather bizarrely played.
½ January 26, 2013
Bardot is like a living breathing Barbie doll, but not without substance. ...And God Created Woman isn't the most substantial of films, but is not without its merits and at the very least is greatly entertaining.
½ December 18, 2012
While Bridget Bardot just oozes sensuality in this, the lighting, colors and music give away its age . . . along with the fact that its plot is best set in a soap opera . . .
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