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A crazed scientist experiments with a rage virus on innocent victims in a laboratory in the woods. When his monstrous subjects die attempting to escape, vultures devour their remains and become mutations seeking to feed on humans.

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  • This is a splatter-filled tale that feels like a throwback to '80s direct-to-video horror, when a bunch of prosthetic makeup covered in blood was all you needed to make a low-budget movie.

    Jul 15, 2008 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The Rage

  • Jun 02, 2012
    Good god...sometimes I <i>think</i> I've seen a terrible movie, but then every once in a long while - and hopefully a VERY long while - I stumble across a travesty so abominable like <i>The Rage</i> that puts my entire ability to rank garbage in a new perspective. When I see a movie this bad, it makes me think I must have done something unspeakably vile in a past life to be subjected to it as payback. The makeup artist is the one member of the credit crawl who might live this association down with some ghoulish faces and a big rig's worth of fake blood. EVERYthing else is among the worst you'll see, from the hideous acting to the ridiculous script to the shaky direction to the laughable CGI. Oh there's gore aplenty, one of the goriest movies I've seen in a long time, but there's hardly any suspense to go along with it so the carnage is empty and repetitive. I seriously wonder how anyone could sit all the way through this in one go. I also wonder how people can wade hip-high in sewage at treatment plants, but somehow they find workers willing to do that too. If this is Misty Mundae's best attempt to break away from her top-billing nudies into "mainstream" movies under her real name Erin Brown, then she's in big trouble. The other notable casting is a rather humorous Andrew Divoff, better known as the one-eyed Russian from <i>Lost,</i> as a crazy mutant scientist. I felt bad for them, but not as bad as I did for myself enduring what is already a slam-dunk finalist for worst I've seen in 2012.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Jun 02, 2009
    I wonder how much help Robert Kurtzman had while making Wishmaster. I wonder if he even made any decisions while on set at all, and how many Adderalls he had to take to stay awake. It seems this man has a sleeping disorder because it's obvious he fell asleep on set while filming The Rage. Wishmaster was a pretty damn good horror flick, what the hell happened to this guy? It's alright when a director slacks off and makes some bad horror films, but my God, The Rage is unforgivingly atrocious. It's main problem was that it even fails at being cheesy. I like cheese too. But I like the kind that makes me chuckle from silliness, even if it is unintentional. Reason why The Rage was so unfunny, not only because of the childishly dry humor, but because the actors looked ASHAMED! I swear to Christ, watch their eye contact, listen to their lines, and follow their body chemistry. They're fu*king embarrassed to be acting in this pile of horsesh*t. At least if they loosened up more, woke the director up from a slumber, and told him the script really isn't as funny as he thinks it is, the movie might have had a chance. This director doesn't know what "funny" is. No one had ever told him. He's probably a guy who laughs before a joke is even told, and people stare at him like he's nuts. He's in a dimension of lost thoughts and confuzzlement. A real psychopath! The only decent thing this movie had going for it was the gore. But it was all CG in the worse way possible. Way too fake. Robert Kurtzman probably edited this movie too, only when he fell asleep his head kept hitting the keyboard. I really hope he'll be okay cause this man seems out of control. He's fu*king BONKERS. Robert Kurtzman should write a sorry note to all the actors, and apologize for not knowing what anything means. Even more, he should come clean, drop the crack pipe, and admit he had nothing to do with Wishmaster. Maybe then I'll respect him more. The Rage is beyond horrible. It's not even silly in a good way. And like I said before, I like cheese...just not when it smells like sh*t! <img src="">
    jd c Super Reviewer
  • Sep 29, 2008
    Another Z-budget that I just couldn't sit through unless I was in the torture chair of A Clockwork Orange. When movies are this bad, you just lose hope. _ Full viewing on Aug 21 2010 The acting and set design aren't what's bad here; Andrew Divoff is actually wasted on a movie this trivial and poorly scripted. The gore and special effects are for the most part decent. The problem is that this movie has not a shred of horror and is far into silly territory. It's admirable to see film-makers with no money trying to pull off big effects using CG help, but it will read as lame to your average viewer. To me, it reads as "nice try, but you should have focused more on writing a better script". This movie quickly becomes the "shitty horror movie" that one its characters predicts it will be. And I will count some of these creatures as zombies albeit not the Romero type, especially since they have a controller, infect others, and have a natural affinity for violence. This movie is also loaded with too many allusions to horror fan favorites, so many that it drowns out any originality that was ever intended, and it is not used ironically but in that boring amateur fanboy way of "we saw this when we were kids, so now we want to do it too!".
    _kelly . Super Reviewer
  • Apr 24, 2008
    Now, here's one for your interest. Infected birds. Mutated humans. They both carry a virus known as 'rage' and the result: 'zombie'. Although it's slightly cheesy, but it's worth watching for the hilarity in the characters' actions and dialogue. Intriguing, worth twenty minutes seeing.
    Leo L Super Reviewer

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