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The Hammer perseveres as both an above-average sports comedy and a perfect starring vehicle for Carolla.



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Can a guy edging into middle age become a success fighting guys half his age? That's the big question behind this independent comedy. Jerry Ferro (Adam Carolla) is almost 40 years old, and he's spent most of his life going nowhere -- and taking his own sweet time getting there. While Jerry enjoyed some success as an amateur boxer when he was young, these days he's out of shape, drinks too much, and scrapes by working in construction. Through his work as a handyman, Jerry has landed a part-time job teaching boxing at a gym in Pasadena, though none of his students are likely to ever move beyond sparring as a hobby. One day, one of Jerry's old friends, Eddie Bell (Tom Quinn), stops by the gym with a promising new fighter he's training. Since he's short on sparring partners, Eddie asks Jerry to step into the ring with the young boxer, and while it's clear that Jerry is in lousy shape and out of practice, he also manages to knock out the challenger with one well-placed punch. Eddie is convinced Jerry still has what it takes, and offers to help Jerry make a comeback, confident that despite his age he can land him a spot on the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team. Also starring Heather Juergensen, The Hammer received its world premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

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Adam Carolla
as Jerry Ferro
Heather Juergensen
as Lindsay Pratt
Oswaldo Castillo
as Ozzie Sanchez
Harold House Moore
as Robert Brown
Tom Quinn
as Eddie Bell
John Enos III
as Steve Ellis
Alex Enriquez
as LeMat Crew #1
Jeff Lacy
as Malice Blake
Keeshan Giles
as Posse No.1
Lorenzo Eduardo
as Posse No.2
Jonathan Hernandez
as Victor Padilla
Jimmy Walker Jr.
as Boxing Old Timer
Edgar Sotelo
as Cousin #1
Carlos Artiga
as Rose Salesman
Eddie Fernandez
as LeMat Crew No.2
Edgard H. Zuniga
as Ozzie's Father
Jim Fitzgerald
as Announcer
Ray Siegle
as Final Match Referee
Manuel Nardi
as Photo Double
Antonio Gómez Rufo
as Photo Double No.2
Rashad Minafree
as Mad Moves Boxer
Darrius Watson
as Darius Reece
Eddie J. Fernandez
as LeMat Crew #2
Jim FtizGerald
as Announcer
Brian Schaefer
as Jerry Double
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  • Much of the film's charm comes from its scruffy, self-effacing modesty; it's a relaxed, affable underdog about a relaxed, affable underdog.

    Oct 5, 2011 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…

    Nathan Rabin

    AV Club
    Top Critic
  • Yes, this comedy about a sad-sack, has-been boxer is painfully predictable and manages to include every cliche of the genre, but executive producer and star Adam Carolla keeps it rolling along with his trademark, deadpan rants.

    Oct 5, 2011
  • I think it's a terrific little film.

    Mar 24, 2008
  • Working with utterly predictable material, screenwriter Kevin Hench finds plenty of offbeat humor, and Carolla knows how to make it sing.

    Mar 21, 2008 | Rating: 3/4
  • I never would have guessed that Adam Carolla, the politically incorrect radio and TV personality, could hold his own in a movie, but here's The Hammer to prove me wrong.

    Mar 21, 2008 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…
  • A nearly comatose comedy that spends its time just bum-stumbling along, never putting in the work necessary to land a solid joke or develop a winning character.

    Mar 21, 2008 | Rating: 1.5/4 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The Hammer

  • Nov 15, 2012
    With a bigger budget, I have a feeling this film could have been a contender. While it does have some wildly funny moments (would you expect anything less from Carolla?) it is severely hampered by its low-budget gags. Also, with low funds means it is nearly impossible to buy some real acting chops. Never has it been more apparent than this film. The amateur cast is laughable at best and spoils any momentum that the film generates. Don't get me wrong. I love Carolla, but the Aceman should have culled some more funds before making this film.
    Reid V Super Reviewer
  • Mar 27, 2010
    A knockout for Adam Carolla. This is a really good film. Well written and casted. Carolla shines in the lead role. Heather Juergensen also shines in the film and has a good on screen chemistry with Carolla. Jane Lynch has a funny cameo appearance in the film. Oswaldo Castillo steals the film as Carolla's friend. He is hilarious in the film. I definitely recommend the film.
    Sol C Super Reviewer
  • Jul 10, 2008
    Adam Carolla plays a boxer turned contractor turned boxer in this comedy that turned out to be better than you expect- just not by much. Carolla's character, Jerry Ferro, happens to fall into the quest to become a member of the 2008 Olympic boxing team: at the age of 40. With a film like this you almost groan about how predictable it's going to be- and it is. But there are certain surprises along the way that keep you from remember other boxing films you could be watching right now, like Mandingo. It's a film that's a little above average, but in a world with crap, that could be as good as five stars.
    Chris G Super Reviewer
  • Jul 09, 2008
    As I sat there listening to Jerry babble on and on in construction lingo, I thought to myself, "Oh, yes. This one was definitely written by Adam Carolla." Don't get me wrong! I mean. That's a good thing! I really liked Carolla's style. It gave the film a very genuine, comfortable, down-to-earth type of feeling. Why the R rating, though? This movie was pretty tame, if you ask me. Regardless, it was a fun watch - with plenty of laughs!
    Rachel T Super Reviewer

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