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December 10, 2010
A movie about an aspiring mormon filmmaker who falls down an endless spiral of chaos resulting in a loss of faith. While watching the film and knowing that the writer/director/star himself is in fact a mormon, I couldn't help but wonder if this character was a reflection of the artist who wanted to punish himself. A brutally honest movie and an amazing departure from the likes of films like God's Army which I couldn't bring myself to finish.
½ June 4, 2009
"Falling" is incredible, exhausting, brutal, devastating, and ultimately very rewarding, and it's one of the most powerful films I've ever seen--a deeply wounded cry caught on film (the opening scene, with Dutcher very literally cursing the heavens, is wrenching, and the film rarely lets up from the relentless anguish, anger, sadness, and searching those opening moments establish); an intense, immediate, and very personal drama that hurtles you into the mind of its central character and keeps you there for 82 minutes (and probably longer); and a fascinating commentary on and dissection of the underbelly of L.A. film culture (it's one of the most interesting films ever to look at the inherent voyeurism of cinema, right up there with Michael Powell's "Peeping Tom" and Hitchcock's "Rear Window"). There are some problems with the film, I think, but they are minor compared to the cinematic storm Dutcher unleashes, asking questions of faith that are hard to answer, making observations about the very structure of moviemaking that are inescapable, and offering a battering emotional experience that is utterly immersive. Dutcher's performance is particularly special--it's incredibly real, and the references to his own life and career give the film a stinging sense of honesty. This is an amazing movie.
December 16, 2008
A brutal and brilliant film. In 82 minutes, Dutcher eclipses (and builds upon) his previous three films with a thoughtful look at the way culture and faith clash. It's tragic and mystical with glimmers of hope in the midst of a bloody world. You will not forget this film (not for the weak of heart).
August 16, 2008
I may come back and watch this, but I need more information.
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