The Escapist Reviews

October 9, 2019
The Escapist is not an easy movie to watch.
November 1, 2018
Unfortunately, the depiction of prison life is predictable and the inmates are extremely dull stereotypes.
July 17, 2009
The two narrative tracks only really come together at the end, and meanwhile we have to work a bit too hard to keep track of it all.
July 16, 2009
This is a rather curious film, admirable in some ways but also strangely frustrating.
July 10, 2009
The filmmakers succumb to the temptation of trying to have their escape movie cake and eat the psychological drama, too
July 10, 2009
Brilliant or obscure? Engaging or pretentious? Intense performances, artistic cinematography, ambitious editing and eclectic music are the filmic elements, but obtuse storytelling with almost incomprehensible dialogue completes the picture
July 8, 2009
I hate criticising someone for ambition but The Escapist is a victory of ambition over dramatic achievement.
April 6, 2009
How much you enjoy this prison drama will depend on your reaction to its fractured, flashback-laced structure. Oh, for the simple, straightforward days of The Big House!
April 3, 2009
The splintered viewpoints help with the monotony, but from the taunting of new inmates to the cell-block sadist, we've gone through all this before, right down to the final twists.
April 3, 2009
Too much of this movie about prison feels only like a movie about prison, with actors posing and directors getting poetic.
April 3, 2009
It's simply an experiment in throwing a familiar premise into a blender and seeing how it looks once it's all chopped up.
April 3, 2009
A customarily fine performance by Brian Cox and a well-oiled supporting cast are not enough to lift this brutal and listless prison melodrama out of the ranks of '40s B movie.
March 21, 2009
O bom elenco desperdiado por um roteiro que se julga mais inteligente do que na verdade e por uma direo que acredita imprimir originalidade narrativa quando, na realidade, est apenas seguindo as batidas convenes do gnero.
October 18, 2008
About as plausible as platform 9 3/4 for the Hogwarts Express.
January 23, 2008
All of this mayhem keeps us watching, but it would be hard to describe the experience as pleasurable.
January 21, 2008