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September 4, 2009
This was a well done film on what was probably a shoestring budget. Nice concept with the woman waking up on the beach and then the guy wants to kill her etc- it set out some interesting mysteries from the start. it was also pretty well acted and so on, though the accents seemed a bit off here and there for some reason.

The problem with it was that there were quite a few 'but surely she would have'... 'but couldn't she have...' moments in the film, making the twists not quite add up, but it achieved an atmospheric effect while maintaining momentum.
½ August 29, 2009
In his debut feature, Welsford doesn't have the budget to convincingly render revolutionary technology (which is why he wisely keeps it off-screen) or one shadowy spy network, let alone the two his script demands; there are obvious technical limitations (hyperactive digital camerawork, and patchy recording of dialogue we badly need to hear clearly), and the direction is just a mite too po-faced to pull off such "Mission: Impossible"-ish flourishes as microphones that can be swallowed in tablet form. Still, "Jetsam" has a major asset in the watchable (and watchful) Reid, being pulled every which way through a similar character arc to that travelled by Rose Byrne across the two seasons of TV's "Damages"; Welsford makes atmospheric play of the contrast between city and sea, and very nearly pulls off a clever, cyclical plot that involves two members of the cast of "The Descent" tailing one another. He's not quite up to that yet, but he's on his way: this is the kind of convoluted headscratcher Christopher Nolan attempted with "Following" before going onto "Memento".
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