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January 3, 2013
For Orson Welles fans this movie is a must see! It reminded me of The Third Man--except that Orson Welles is the hero and it is post-war Italy instead of Austria.
December 15, 2012
Danny Huston sounds more like his dad, the great John Huston, than Orson Welles. The plot and script are too slow--The Third Man it's not!
August 17, 2012
good period thriller huston slips on orson welles' shoes
½ July 1, 2012
I appreciated the dark humor in this noir thriller, but the story seemed somewhat convoluted. I have no idea why Spanish actors were cast to play Italians.
December 11, 2011
A little hard to get in to, overall I found it OK. Nothing to shout about that's for sure.
½ December 11, 2011
A little hard to get in to, overall I found it OK. Nothing to shout about that's for sure.
½ November 14, 2011
Decently entertaining comic mystery based on a cleverly amusing premise. Danny Huston is a great deal of fun in the lead (though at times he seems to be channeling his father more than Orson Welles), and the supporting cast is up to the task. Where it runs into problems is with its tone, breezy and tongue-in-cheek at first, but it looses its way as it transitions into darker intrigue. Doesn't completely live up to its potential, but an enjoyable enough watch.
Super Reviewer
October 20, 2011
I got confused with this one. Is this really a thriller/suspense, or it is just another mafia movie with Cristopher Walken? Hmm...well...if this was a thriller/suspense, it was really slow-paced and quickly lost my attention.
½ October 3, 2011
Entertaining mystery. Good flick
½ August 22, 2011
Has it's moments of brilliance. Then strays away from the plot and ends confusion with more confusion.
½ July 3, 2011
Too much cheese and slopy directing and writing for a story based on characters surrounding Orson Welles. Check out Me and Orson Welles instead. I couldn't even get through 20 minutes of this. The only reason this isn't half a star is that it did look like a somewhat nicely shot film, but just not enough to hold my attention
½ October 16, 2010
No, it's not the creepy Breaking Away follow up, but an historical fiction with Orson Welles in post-war Italy. Danny Huston, who sounds much more like John Huston than Orson Welles, is nevertheless charming as the master showman. Paz Vega is luminescent as always. If you really want to see the best current Orson Welles fiction, I'd recommend Orson Welles and Me with Zac Efron, but this was a fun diversion.
October 14, 2010
Huston does a respectable job portraying Orson Welles in post-war Italy. He becomes a political target while shooting a production of "Othello". Walken, Vega and the rest of the supporting cast also make the most of their roles as diplomat and love interest.
October 5, 2010
Perfect for a Sunday night
October 3, 2010
Another Orson Welles movie, this one involving a murder mystery. While its beautifully shot, and very creative in its scene development, its extremely boring, and almost unbearably so. Huston, though charming, never seems to capture the role in the way you wish him to, and its almost as if you have to hear him say he's Orson Welles each time for you to believe it.

Diego Luna and Paz Vega can't add the flavor this convoluted mystery needs to be saved, but the director certainly has a future with a better script and a peppier pace.
½ July 23, 2008
Paz Vega. 'nuff said
July 12, 2008
Alem da historia ser interessante, o filme eh bem divertido.
April 4, 2008
Don't know why this one failed to really click with me. It had all the right ingredients : an imagined episode in the life of Orson Welles, untrustworthy government officials, a labyrinthine plot, a murderous beauty.... Something ultimately wasn't there, but all credit for trying. A bit unhip to take two hispanic actors such as Paz Vega and Diego Luna and cast them as Italian; like if they're foreign, who will notice ? Thought that had died out with Anthony Quinn's long career as every dago under the sun.
March 13, 2008
A film on here that I'm the only person to have seen? Shame really, cause it's a good film. Not perfect, but definetly above average. If you get a chance to see it, do. Danny Huston is my biggest man-crush, and he doesn't dissapoint in this; playing a fading Orsen Welles, escaping the rabid US publicity of his very public divorce from Rita Hayworth - roughly a year after The Third Man, I think. He goes to Spain, to play the King Of The Gypsies in some awful movie - but while there he gets caught up with murder, sex, betrayel, corrupt US foriegn policy, Mafia election rigging, the last remnants of WWII facism, and protesting Communist rebels.

Christopher Walken is his usual oddly-inflecting self; his stoccato oddness a joy to watch played opposite Danny Huston's effortless humour, confusion and fear. Being mostly British financed, obviously we'll only ever show this film in one screen of the smallest cinema in the West End - because we're an imbred island of shit-sucking silly fucks that refuse to support our own film industry. This film - like so many others before it - deserves more respect than that.
½ May 27, 2006
A multilayered, complex and potentially controversial movie. Addressing a neglected period and raising issues relevant to the outcome of those events depicted, and the continuing behaviour of 'our army' in providing a steady stream of future conflict, there must be more reasons for pessimism than optimism in the mind as one leaves the theatre.

The 'good news' is that the film got funded and made at all, which overcomes one of the pessimisms of the movie. The bad news is that the message(s) had to be so blurred as to make the film very difficult to enjoy, and any chance of the right people coming away with the right message minimised.
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