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August 11, 2009
Marina: [Complaining in the car] "This is the most boring trip of my life!!"


I usually LOVE slow paced movies (Glue) and, specially, mexican slow paced independent movies (Two embraces, Turtle family, A thousand clouds of peace, Silent light) but this was just too much. The movie lacks charm, compelling characters (the leading girl was just annoying) and it feels like a Reygadas' rip-off all the way, including cameos by two of Reygadas' muses: Anapola Mushkadiz from Battle in Heaven and Magdalena Flores, the old lady in Japón. Carlos Reygadas has inspired many mexican filmmakers since his first film and the third one made him one of the most important and respected directors ever but, unlike Rubén Ímaz (Turtle family) or even Ernesto Contreras (Blue eyelids), Juan Patricio Riveroll is not capable of filtering his influences and, instead of paying homage to his master he creates a parody.

If there was a mexican version of Scary Movie, it would be called Not Another Reygadas Movie and it would be a lot like this.

Avoid like a Tijuana whore!

Picture this: I love slow movies to death... but this one bored me! Can you imagine that? It looks beautiful but that's it. Good cinematography in a mexican movie doesn't surprise us anymore.

And for a character to say this is the most boring trip she has ever had, it really must be a boring movie, huh?
½ September 25, 2008
Lo bueno es que dura poco.
Mala actuación de la chava, mala dirección, mala fotografía, ni siquiera escogieron buenos paisajes, cero historia. Mal ejemplo para apoyar el cine mexicano.
½ August 14, 2008
Strasznie siê ten film snuje, ale ¶licznie siê koñczy.
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