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February 7, 2017
"Luna" is an indefensible film because it is built on unsupported narrative clichés that Bertolucci never resolves.
Full Review | Original Score: D
April 21, 2016
Luna seduces and repels you at the same time. It's a film about the silences and cruelties between people, but it explodes with color, music, and movement.
April 18, 2016
Channelling a Viscontian elegance, Bernardo Bertolucci probes the allure of bourgeois excess to its core of perverse desire-and ultimately suggests that it's made of frustrated dreams of normalcy.
August 2, 2015
In elegance, rapidity of execution and perfection of expression, Bertolucci is the cinema's Stendhal.
August 2, 2015
Bernardo Bertolucci's excessive look into the life of a troubled teenager created quite a stir upon its original release.
Full Review | Original Score: 1.5/5
August 2, 2015
La luna may not be the masterpiece all involved had intended it to be, but it is unlikely you will have the opportunity to experience a film so brazenly rich and ambitious from today's filmmakers.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
August 2, 2015
Loud, vulgar, and frequently obnoxious, the film nevertheless has a perfect integrity in its excesses. This is filmmaking from the groin, unabashed and unrestrained.
July 29, 2011
Ultimately, while Luna hints at a resolution for its characters that restores the normative balance of the family structure, it also seems to content to keep its vivid beauty and its dark, perverse passions hopelessly entangled.
October 18, 2008
Did a little bird try to warn Bertolucci that this material was, to put it kindly, two bricks short of a load?
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
October 18, 2008
La Luna is a spectacle-sized melodrama filled with a variety of themes -- plots and subplots that merge asymmetrically into a melodramatic mold.
October 18, 2008
Ravishing to look at, but the movie's real curiosity is the way it fails to reverse Bertolucci's usual preoccupations.
July 16, 2008
No amount of purloined Verdi can transform these banalities into anything else, while the film's ending, if it means what it certainly seems to mean, would embarrass a backstage Broadway musical movie, much less a backstage Rome opera movie.
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