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May 16, 2019
More like a blind date from hell than a feel-good romantic comedy.
November 17, 2011
July 24, 2011
The comedy is some good moments, and the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is strong, but it's too cute and predictable
April 4, 2011
December 17, 2009
annoyingly predictable and barely watchable piece of Hollywood routine
November 2, 2009
It's not awful, certainly not memorable and - despite the words of at least one quote whore - it's not "the year's best comedy."
October 31, 2009
a morass of clichés
October 30, 2009
Tailored to fit Sandra Bullock more snugly than the antique wedding gown altered for the star during the final act, the film begins to fall apart at the seams after its focus wanders from its promising screwball premise...
October 20, 2009
Bullock is totally at home in this territory, and she remains fun to watch, but I do wish she would get stronger, possibly more original comedic material.
October 16, 2009
Unfortunately, this winning team is stuck in a dumb vehicle.
September 10, 2009
It's obviously formula stuff, and follows that formula so earnestly that at points you'll wince more than swoon (why does every big proclamation of love in the final scenes need to be made in public?).
July 28, 2009
The sight of Bullock doing a rap dance with granny in the woods is a traumatising experience.
July 28, 2009
This is familiar territory crudely traversed.
July 28, 2009
It is contrived and predictable, squandering the chemistry between co-stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds as it creates lazy escapist entertainment that is forgotten as soon as the end credits have rolled.
July 24, 2009
They may as well have called this one 'Mis-Matched Sham Wedding Comedy #57513' for all the effort it makes to shake new life out of a tattered genre.
July 24, 2009
Despite some fine performances and pretty scenery, The Proposal is predictable yet incredible, and devoid of any consistent tone. Better call off that wedding.
July 24, 2009
Predictable rom-coms can work if the comedy and chemistry are there. Alas, both have gone AWOL. There's a dry and silent desert where the jokes are meant to be.
July 24, 2009
One minute you're watching a 21st-century remake of His Girl Friday, the next you're having to endure some awful, dumbed-down "women's picture". Bullock deserves better.
July 24, 2009
Sandra Bullock is teamed up with Ryan Reynolds, and each star's face has a waxy immobility that has nothing to do with Botox; the pure awfulness of the script has paralysed their facial muscles.
July 24, 2009
The more recurrent noise towards the end was me groaning with disappointment, that a movie which had struck gold with its central matchmaking was succeeding so ruthlessly in taking the shine off.
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