The Proposal Reviews

June 27, 2011
The story is cute, although a little forced, but for the basic romantic comedy, you could do a lot worse. Sure, it's predictable, but the flick works and is quite satisfying in the end.
April 26, 2011
November 2, 2009
The blu-ray tries to whet your appetite for going HD by also adding an additional deleted scene.
October 18, 2009
Accept this Proposal on Blu-ray
October 13, 2009
An old-fashioned romp reminiscent of the best of Doris Day and Rock Hudson.
October 11, 2009
Quite a few of bonus features pad this DVD of The Proposal, which is otherwise notable solely for seeing Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds accidentally slam into each other completely in the buff.
October 8, 2009
October 5, 2009
There are some funny moments, but some which are clearly meant to be knee-slapping set-pieces (such as when Margaret and the dog go outside) fall very flat.
October 4, 2009
Hinging on the far fetched premise that if you put two people with zero chemistry in a room together long enough, they'll inevitably fall in love with each other, the movie is stolen away by Oscar Nunez's multi-tasking paunchy male stripper grocery clerk.