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June 19, 2016
Great production that gets to the point.
March 15, 2016
This can only be a shadow of Tolstoy's classic novel, but Greta Garbo and Basil Rathbone's performances raise it above other adaptations. Garbo's face is so expressive that words are almost unnecessary, and her fateful last scene is masterful, while Rathbone's cold, repressed Karenin is also utterly convincing. Curiously it is Frederic March as Anna's lover, Vronsky, who ultimately disappoints.
April 29, 2014
Remake of her 1927 version of Tolstoy's "LOVE"
½ April 25, 2014
First of i don't get what the big deal is with greta garbo. This movie has one of the old movie pet peeves, a character who falls in love at first sight inexplicably and its the strongest love ever known to history like they are a couple of teenagers. And as soon as they are in love they fall out of it. I gotta say i agree with the De facto villain, Anna's husband, on almost all of his points. Hes right about everything and expresses it so bluntly, what a bad ass. There is just nothing interesting about this movie, no great lines or great scenes. Derivative and forgetful.
½ February 15, 2014
It is quite dull, but Greta Garbo saves it from being forgotten. It is visually big and brimming with the typical MGM's class and greatness. But sometimes, I want to jump off to a train the same as Garbo did.
½ November 24, 2013
It has a couple of flaws - the ending could have been a bit more tense, the pacing sometimes feels rushed and the story needed some sort of expansion (the inclusion of Kitty and Levin would have been nice), but this Anna Karenina adaptation greatly benefits from strong acting, beautiful artistry and cinematography and moving added scene in the end all leading to a definitive film version of the story yet.
September 22, 2013
Clarence Brown's "Anna Karenina" in the year 1935 is a film adaptation that is an insult to Leo Tolstoy's novel of the same. The main reason I decided to watch it was because to finally see Greta Garbo in a movie. Garbo is the only person in the movie who at least shows some resemblance to Anna Arkayadevna's character in the novel. All the other characters are incredibly compromised and did not interest me at all. Garbo doesn't have much to work with, I am hopeful I'll get to see her in better films whenever I get a chance to see more of her; in this film she was strictly acceptable. Levin, who could be argued as the greatest character in the Tolstoy novel is almost non-existent in the movie. Wasted!
February 13, 2013
i felt something missing in the story line, but i dont know which
½ January 14, 2013
I haven't read the Tolstoy novel but since there isn't much plot to speak of in this cinematic version, I'd imagine a fair bit has been excised. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, Garbo is gay and merry, falling for Count Vronsky (Frederic March) even though she has a husband (Basil Rathbone) and child (insufferable Freddie Bartholomew). Garbo swoons (and there is clearly a filter on the camera when she is in close-up). But as a result, she and Vronsky are cast out of society and she is forbidden to see her son. As Vronsky's passion becomes muted, Garbo broods and is gloomy -- these are the moods for which she became famous. Things do not end well. This is a expensively-staged MGM production but I found the direction rather bland, even though the sets and acting were something to look at.
½ January 9, 2013
The very condensed Hollywood film adaption of Leo Tolstoy's 862 page Masterpiece of literature.

The characters that inhabit this upper crust of Royal Russia are interesting and far from one dimensional. I can see why Greta Garbo was the actress she was with her unusual voice & unique beauty but in mainly her string acting style

This story touched on many themes & due to it's short length of 95 mins for 850+ page book obviously aspects where rushed. However the final scene of the film is gorgeously shot & set up.
November 19, 2012
Excellent! Excellent!
October 6, 2012
How can you give it 100% when the reviews are not that good? You only gave Bergman's masterly Seventh Seal 94%! The Tomatometer needs fixing.
September 18, 2012
best version of this tear jerker
½ June 20, 2012
I thought this was a good movie because it promotes wonderfully the result or choices. She made hers and it was heartbreaking. Excellent story (even though it is devoid of a happy ending).
August 18, 2011
Anna Karenina (Garbo) is a high-strong Russian woman who is married to the icy Karenin (Rathbone). They go to a high class ball with her relatives, and there she meets the dashing Count Vronsky (March), and they end up falling in love. But soon, Karenin finds out, and not only kicks her out of the house, but does not let her see her son (Bartholomew) who means the world to her. She and Vronsky eventually get married, but is plagued by sadness, guilt, and a passive husband that eventually dooms Anna for her infidelity. Screen-legend Greta Garbo was at the peak of her career at the time of this movie, and had had success in almost every movie she made before-hand. She already had teamed up with director Clarence Brown in other well-received classics, so by seeing this I knew something good would happen, considering how wonderful the following movies were. Though this one might not be as good as "Flesh and the Devil" altogether, Garbo's performance is simply amazing here. Her tragic character Anna is so awesome to watch, and so painful at once, and when you watch, you can almost feel the world of hurt her character's feeling. I wish she would have gotten an Oscar nod for this role, because nobody, could match up to the standard that Greta set. Fredric March never was better in this early role, and I also consider this to be one of his most memorable performances. His character pretty much hides behind a mask for the first hour, but then you see what he is really like. It's very strange to think how actors could just work with lines and make them their own. I found Rathbone's acting job to be very satisfying, and is a great love to hate character. Though any spouse would be mad at infidelity, the way Karenin deals with it is so rough and tough, but he never overacts it or makes it cheesy, its done to the perfect extent, making it very well done. "Anna Karenina" is one of Garbo's best (though I like "Ninotchka" better), and this is one of her finest performances.
½ July 26, 2011
Typical 1930s MGM film in its production values, but the screenplay and many of the performances make this a dreary adaptation of Tolstoy's novel. I first saw it in the 1950s as a 14-year-old schoolboy and even then found the film flawed. The saving grace for me was Garbo's performance, but half-a-century on even that didn't grab me. Still, she's better than the rest of the over-emoting cast.
May 10, 2011
Glorious Garbo does it again... and what do ya know, another un-happy ending that seems oddly satisfying and true.
December 1, 2010
:fresh: [b][i]Great novel with a weak adaptation, saved by the one and only Greta Garbo, who once again showed she was a terrific actress and the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in this world. [/i][/b]
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