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Orphan Quotes

  • Esther: It must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own.

  • Esther: I'll cut your hairless little prick off before you even figure out what it's for.

  • Esther: Thats the story of that's the glory of love.

  • Esther: I know, they fuck
    Esther: I know, they fuck.
    Esther: I know. They fuck.

  • Esther: Mommy Please dont kill me.
    Esther: Please, don't let me die, Mommy.
    Kate Coleman: Im not your fucking mommy
    Kate Coleman: I'm not your fucking mommy!

  • Esther: I think people should always try to take the bad things that happen to them in their lives, and turn them into something good. Don't you?

  • Esther: if you tell anyone what you saw i cut your hair less pecker off, understand
    Daniel Coleman: hmm

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