The Hangover Reviews

July 20, 2011
April 26, 2011
October 16, 2010
January 8, 2010
The bonus features on this so-called "special edition" leave lots to be desired, but the movie is what's most important, and the HD presentation sparkles.
December 15, 2009
Look at the bright side: It's in high definition, and Tom Green's not in it. (Blu-ray Extreme Edition)
December 14, 2009
If The Hangover were as crazy as I'd expected it to be, then it probably wouldn't have made over $275 million at the U.S. box office.
December 14, 2009
Funny, yes, but chock-full of alcohol-fueled adult content.
December 10, 2009
A picture which periodically pushes the envelope further than the average moviegoer is probably capable of stomaching via ill-advised departures into such taboo subjects as child molestation, all in search of a cheap joke.
December 9, 2009
The scant extras in this package will contribute little to your appreciation of the film itself... and you would need a few stiff drinks before finding yourself laughing out loud at much of this.
December 5, 2009
A geek bonding guy movie just as easily titled, I Love You, Men, this in-your-face grossout about grown males in pursuit of living out their wannabe vice junkie daydreams badly, detours into beyond crude humor more often sour than sweet.
June 5, 2009
June 5, 2009
June 5, 2009