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This gory thriller, set in 19th-century Baltimore, begins when a psychopathic killer is forced to amputate his own hand to avoid execution. Soon, armed with a new hook, he sets out for revenge, but a pair of heroic wax-museum curators and their midget henchman are on his tail.
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Patrick O'Neal
as Jason Cravatte aka Jason Caroll
Cesare Danova
as Anthony Draco
Wilfrid Hyde-White
as Harold Blount
Laura Devon
as Marie Champlain
Suzy Parker
as Barbara Dixon
Tun Tun
as Senor Pepe de Reyes
Philip Bourneuf
as Inspector Strudwick
Jeanette Nolan
as Mrs. Ewing Perryman
Marie Windsor
as Mme. Corona
Wayne Rogers
as Sgt. Albertson
Vinton Haworth
as Judge Randolph
Richard O'Brien
as Dr. Cobb
Berry Kroeger
as Chun Sing
Charles Seel
as Dr. Hopewell
Tony Curtis
as Mr. Julian
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When he comes after my head he'll have to risk his own. In Baltimore a strange wax museum has been formed that tracks notorious serial killers throughout history. A convicted criminal sentenced to hanging escapes by cutting his hand off and jumping off a train. Shortly thereafter a rash of killings spring up all over town. Business picks up for the wax museum as they begin creating new displays in honor of the new serial killer. "It takes time for a crawling caterpillar to become a true butterfly." Hy Averback, director of Where the Boys are '84, Venice Medical, She's in the Army Now, The Night Rider, House Calls, and The Love Boat II, delivers Chamber of Horror. The storyline for this picture is very similar to House of Wax mixed with The Tingler. The good and evil characters were interesting and well delivered and the cast delivered solid performances. The cast includes Patrick O'Neal, Suzy Parker, Cesare Danova, and Wilfrid Hybe-White. "Lovely girl. Where did you find her?" "In the fog." This movie recently aired on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and I loved the idea of a one armed serial killer. The movie was okay with some 60s gimmicky cheese sprinkled in. I did find this film entertaining and definitely worth watching. This is classic 60s horror that fans of the old school Vincent Price pictures may enjoy. "A taste for sewers is what I call it." Grade: B-

Kevin Robbins
Kevin Robbins

This film is from a Warner Home Video Horror Double Feature I picked up at Big Lots for $3.00. Its a very well put together film for the sixties. A special in film device called the fear flasher and the horror horn warns viewers to a upcoming bloody scene, it happens 3 or 4 times in the movie and then nothing happens, kind of a spoof I believe maybe for the drive in movies. Anyway the Baltimore butcher is on the loose and killing people, and unable to solve the murder the police turn to the owners of a wax museum to help solve the crime. We even have a Vincent Price want to be in this movie Patrick O'Neal. All in all a enjoyable 1960's movie, not like slasher films of 1970 -1990 that followed. About the best wax museum film out there 4 stars,

Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce

Super Reviewer


Chamber of Horrors definitely isn't as horrific as its title implies. There's not a single drop of blood in the entire film and the only thing even remotely macabre about it is the wax sculptures on display (ALA House of Wax), but they really only serve as a backdrop to the story. An enormous amount of emphasis and screen time is spent dealing with these wax dummies, only to serve no purpose except to recreate someone's untimely end. I can't really say much more than that. Otherwise, I'd be spoiling the film... in a film that spoils itself. Whenever something heinous is about to occur, there is this weird red flash and a siren signaling to the audience that it's about to happen. It's a very William Castle sort of technique that just fails on every level. It was a gimmick cooked up by the producers when it was decided to shoot additional scenes (including a brief one with Tony Curtis) to beef up the running time and release it to theatres instead of on television, as originally planned. It's not a very good movie, but it does have a fair amount of character development that I found intriguing. That would be my only recommendation to watch it really. Another reason to watch the film, for television fans anyway, would be an early appearance by Wayne Rogers, who played Trapper John in the M*A*S*H TV series. The film is also directed by Hy Averback, who was the voice of the loudspeaker in M*A*S*H, so fans of that show should find something fun in that, at least.

Tim Salmons
Tim Salmons

Super Reviewer

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