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October 6, 2013
The Golden Boys is an object lesson in how to squander a seasoned cast, a charming premise and a breathtaking location.
½ December 5, 2012
Starts off promising actually then goes straight to shit
½ May 14, 2012 so glad im not a dude!!! grandma love dis
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March 2, 2011
From one end of the spectrum to the other. Yesterday I am watching more a less a movie about a child and today its old men. The previews are far better then the movie itself but its still a cute movie, about 3 old shipmates living together and they decided one needs to marry in order for there home to be kept up. Lots of twist and turns. Easy to see that 3 old friends in the movie business enjoyed making this film. An enjoyable film but still only 3 Stars.
December 27, 2010
This movie is severely underrated. A beautifully quirky and awkward love and life story about three elderly sea-fairing men looking for love in the papers. This movie will make you laugh, blush, and tear up all at once.
½ September 18, 2010
a movie for old men about old men starring old men. Most anything with Carradine, Dern, and Torn i will give a chance. THE GOLDEN BOYS is lite-weight entertainment that actually has a few good chuckles here and there. Think a low rent - direct to video version of GRUMPY OLD MEN. Worth the watch and over before you know it.
March 22, 2010
Just terrible. However this woman ever decided to stay is really beyond me. Three men in a pig sty, and she decides to stay and clean house for them, after they desert her at the station. Strange.
½ March 19, 2010
film o starych ludziach dla starych ludzi. w sumie nie wiem po kiego diabla to obejrzalem :P
February 15, 2010
It was a little long and boring but it did have some funny parts to it!
½ February 1, 2010
Solid cast , good acting...but the storyline is just weak...! it's like 15mins story stretch over 90mins but it's properly directed so you may not realised its just all about 3 old amigos looking for a maid and so wants one of them 2 be the bait but there is a twist later on...
December 18, 2009
evocative. a hallmark card from cape cod. i only wish it was a christmas movie.
December 11, 2009
Good movie, a little slow but enjoyable...
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½ December 3, 2009
Starts off promising actually then goes straight to shit
½ October 4, 2009 so glad im not a dude!!! grandma love dis
September 5, 2009
I would rather break every bone in my body than watch this film again SKIP IT!!!
August 19, 2009
‚??Three Salty Dogs Seek One Spicy Kitten!‚?? I don‚??t know about you but that tagline creeps me the hell out and really doesn‚??t reveal this cheapie for what it really it‚??a glorified Hallmark movie. That being said‚?¶we get a fun David Carradine, Rip Torn, and Bruce Dern team-up that unfortunately, you will never see anywhere else. Do I wish they were kickin‚?? butt in some gonzo revenge Western instead of wooing the skeletal Mariel Hemmingway? Yes, yes, yes. But anytime you can see these three codgers on screen together is worth the price of admission. And you also get some brief moments with Charles Durning and John Savage that are quite enjoyable. VF.
August 19, 2009
Enjoyable, funny, cute and light. Great to see David Carradine, Rip Torn and Bruce Dern. They are a hoot! One big LOL scene and the rest was just not LOL funny but cute funny.

It was too fast for my tastes. Some of the scenes and characters were too rushed imo. It gave it a made for TV Sunday night movie or cable feel at times.

Nice sets, early 1900's in MA, costumes good, Rip Torn's speech pattern was great.

I would recommended it if you are fan of Carradine, Torn, Dern, Charles Dunning or Marriel Hemingway - which I am not but it was not a bad movie.
August 15, 2009
Three salty dogs seek one spicy kitten
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