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½ February 21, 2015
Could only stand to watch 5 minutes of it.
½ December 13, 2014
The Graves Movie Review!

This movie is continuously stupid throughout the whole thing. Stupidly clinging itself to some sort of religious context that makes as much sense as the acting of these people.

The plot? Two girls drive on by to some attraction and end up experiencing the fight for their lives. As silly as the plot sounds, it goes on to extreme measures of being even worse.

Hockey acting, especially by Tony Todd, and just plain ludicrous visuals. CGI and fake blood can only take you so far people; learn the limit.

And wow. What a stupid ending. Honestly, I can't be bothered to even follow the lore of this movie. It just sucks. And if this movie is a horror, then it's one of the worst movies the horror genre ever created.

1 out of 10 (.5 stars) Sad excuse for a movie.
½ February 26, 2014
Not a bad movie, but gory.
January 10, 2014
I think the campy aspect was intentional, but it's hard to tell as the film seems to change direction and intent several times. Decent idea, cool location, but overall very amateurish. It's hard not to like any film that has horror legend Tony Todd in it, but this one comes close.
October 23, 2013
Randy from Lamb of God is in it. That's about the coolest thing about this movie
½ October 6, 2013
A combination slasher (or in this case bludgeoner) / supernatural horror. The supernatural aspect takes a backseat to the mutilations, but it all comes together in the end. The leads, played by Clare Grant and Jillian Murray, made this much better than it had rights to be. They played the fine line between straight and cheese expertly. There is character growth (in a horror movie? Unheard of.) The sisters did not just scream and run, they screamed and faced their attackers. Different and well played.
½ May 14, 2013
Yes, this is a low-budget movie. No, it is not bad. After seeing the low rating on Flixster, I didn't really wanna see this, but it's the Afterdark Horrorfest, so I just had to see it. And I was pleasantly surprised. It's a mixture of Wrong Turn and House of Wax. But it's a little slow at the beginning for around 15 - 20 minutes, but after that, it gets pretty fast and bloody. Some parts are just plain stupid, though. But I recommend seeing it if you're bored.

And for everyone saying this movie is unoriginal, stop being so critical. If a movie is good, it's good no matter how much of a rip-off it is. So watch a movie and either like it or not like it because of the storyline, acting, and/or the quality.
½ April 27, 2013
quite watchable. bad demon eating souls and giving strangely, sickly strong religious background for villagers.
½ March 23, 2013
the bone loved this film
January 6, 2013
There is absolutely nothing positive about this film, complete waste of time. Therefore, I refuse to rate this trash.
September 21, 2012
This movie pissed me off. I'm tired of silly white girls too stupid to avoid danger. deep eye roll.
½ May 25, 2012
Unfortunately, The Graves is a tedious horror film and a complete waste of several talented actors (Bill Mosely, Clare Grant, Tony Todd, Amanda Wyss). SKIP IT!!!
April 30, 2012
Not even the horrible Lamb Of God's lead singer is interesting to get me into this...
½ March 23, 2012
This movie was psycho.....but devious!!
February 18, 2012
The Graves opens promisingly with hot bad-ass sisters buying comics and discussing their upcoming trip to a bizarro location. Plus, the film features classic horror talent Bill Moseley (The Devil's Rejects) and Ton Todd (Candyman himself). Unfortunately, The Graves quickly devolves into the most boring and derivative rip-off of Children of the Corn ever. While it is only 80 minutes, you will still feel like The Graves should have ended 30 minutes sooner.
½ January 10, 2012
Bad CGI explain all...
January 1, 2012
Not even the horrible Lamb Of God's lead singer is interesting to get me into this...
December 13, 2011
When two hot sisters from Scottsdale get lost while looking for the world's largest thermometer, they find a town where tourists are being sacrificed to a demon. Tony Todd chews up a ton of scenery as "Children of the Corn" meets "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in a flick that doesn't just skimp on the talent, it ignores it entirely. There are good actors here, but a lousy screenplay and an all-too-conscious effort not to take itself seriously render this a fumbling mess. Almost no gore, and when there's blood, it's computer generated, cheap and obvious. The flick seems mainly intended to showcase the two lead actresses, and while they're attractive, they aren't very good. Leave this one in the ground.
Super Reviewer
October 16, 2011
An ok horror flick with a few scares, but overall, it's just a cheesey horror film, sorta meant for laughs.
½ August 17, 2011
Not a total waste of an hour and half but the CGI blood was low level and Tony Todd and Bill Moseley just showed up for the checks I guess.
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