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½ May 25, 2017
forgettable plot, awesome visuals, especially if you saw it in IMAX
May 21, 2017
let me just say, I LOVED THIS MOVIE! the illustrations and art is superb. the soundtrack completely matched and resonated with the whole film (daft punk), brought its to life. the story was great, of course it think could they should have refined the story more. overall this was my expectation a perfect cyberworld tech movie with great soundtrack that really help create my favorite disney movie. i really hope they get make tron 3
May 6, 2017
The script falls short in possible way but the dazzling visuals, impressive production design, and incredible score make this film a winner.
Grade: C+
May 3, 2017
This is one of my most favorite movies ever. So well written, while visually and audibly STUNNING. A must see for everyone.
May 2, 2017
This movies deserves 5 stars, but for the reviews that don't understand brilliance and gave this movie 3 stars or below these are the reason you should change your review.

1st Star: Jeff Bridges not once but twice

2nd Star: that soundtrack, Daft Punk set the bar for one of the best movie soundtracks of all time

3rd Star: the concept of going inside a computer and discovering a world that you couldn't possible imagine.

4th Star: Special Effects are through the Roof

5th Star: Lightcyles Baby!

Watch the movie, support the lore and maybe if Disney stops giving money to Johnny Depp and George Clooney's of the world we might get Tron 3....End of line

P.s. John Carter also took money away from Tron.
½ April 14, 2017
I don't remember much about this movie other than that it had great effects and cool storylines. If you want to see a real "special effects" movie, see this.
March 23, 2017
Really entertaining and has a good ending to it!
½ March 19, 2017
Have yet to see this!
½ March 11, 2017
visually amazing, music amazing, story is terrible.
½ March 4, 2017
How is this as high as 51%?
½ March 3, 2017
TRON: Legacy is a fun but flawed sci-fi film. The concept of the movie largely carries the weight, but is helped with a cast of likable characters. CGI Bridges is always distracting, but also makes it feel more like a video game.
March 2, 2017
Probably my all time favorite movie
February 26, 2017
Great plot. Awesome soundtrack. Great casting and acting. Totally worth the money to rent/buy.
February 18, 2017
Saw this film in IMAX 3D 4 years ago my first ever IMAX film and I loved every minute of it hope they make TRON 3 ??
February 1, 2017
It's a good movie to watch
½ January 30, 2017
Tron Legacy (2010)

The best part is the film score by Daft Punk. However but the story itself is confusing to follow as well as the world to understand as far as the scale and how it all works. The world felt more like a computer program vs. a video game. It was a game where the rules were not well defined and the peramiters of the world were not well set.

I hate the lack or colors of only variations of orange, blue, white, and black. It felt almost monochromatic in it's environments within the game.

I did not understand why characters in the game talked electronically sometimes that was difficult to understand what they were saying.

I don't think the beginning made much sense. I thought this film was going to connect better to the original Tron as far as it's origins.

The ending was confusing because I never understood how a computer program could exist outside of the game as a person and what happened to the dad that he could not or did not try to escape the game.
January 23, 2017
Make Tron 3 yesterday!!!
January 22, 2017
An average movie. Good action and special effects. Did not tie the prequel into the story very well.
January 14, 2017
Tron Legacy is a classic example of style over substance, as it fails to give the story a deeper meaning. The supporting characters are sidelined by our two protagonists and the story fails to accomplish a sense of scale, however the visuals are undeniably stunning to watch, and the electronic score by Daft Punk gives the film a rush of adrenaline.
January 12, 2017
With this one I stand firmly against any critics. Yes, the script isn't always airtight but also not lacking in interesting ideas. After many viewings, I am still invested in the characters, moved by the emotion, stunned by the visuals, mesmerized by the soundtrack and convinced of the filmmakers' passion.
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