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½ March 10, 2016
The first truly decent film starring the Predator in twenty years, and pretty much the same sort of schlocky fun as the original. It's perhaps a bit too similar to the first for its own good (what with the jungle-y setting and all), and sacrifices some tension for bigger action, but it still makes for fun B-grade sci-fi worthy of the name on the tin, if not as good as it was in the 80s, nor as it could have been.
February 20, 2016
More cliche's in the first ten minted than most films have in an hour and a half. The number of unnecessary "f*cks" suggests poor writing. But mostly a macho Adrian Brody makes this film unbelievable.
February 16, 2016
Not bad, I was skeptical of Adrien Brody as the lead in an action flick, but was pleasantly surprised when he turned in a fine job as Royce, a hardened mercenary out to survive a Predator game reserve planet. I also liked the original Predator's cameo, nice nod to the first film, to which this film is an omage.
February 12, 2016
If this anything like "Aliens vs Predator" it will be good. Previews what little they show , looks promising
January 31, 2016
Finally, a sequel that actually feels like it belongs next to the original 1987 film "Predator". Omitting a string of sub-par followups, "Predators" successfully brings this fan-favourite franchise back to its roots, emulating the basic setting and structure of the original film and introducing a new (if somewhat hackneyed) storyline so as to avoid becoming a direct remake. Director Nimrod Antal and producer Robert Rodriguez managed to find that necessary blend of horror and machismo that fueled McTiernan's original film, leaving enough space to move the franchise and Predator mythos forward without losing anything in the process. The final product takes a little while to find its rhythm, but eventually succeeds at reviving the tone of the classic film that inspired it, and accomplishes what it sets out to do without offering any more or less to the viewer.

The cast is quite good, with a hardened Adrien Brody doing a decent job attempting to fill the shoes of his legendary predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Playing more into the "badass Black-Ops" type of character than Arnold's "mass of muscle", Brody eventually proves he can hold his own as a lead action star, even if with a handful of cringe-worthy lines. Other familiar and unfamiliar faces appear to flesh out the cast of (anti)heroes, with Alice Braga standing out as a great female lead, and Topher Grace offering some necessary comic relief as well as an interesting character twist. There is also a fantastic sword fight between the Yakuza assassin and a Predator, and a great Predator kill of a human via spine-removal.

The Predators themselves are fleshed out more than in the original, and a new breed of stronger Predators are introduced, complete with their own rules of hunting. As a minor setback, I felt that the Predators lacked any memorable new weapons, and the mask of the final one looked silly at times. In the end, "Predators" is a film that will never fully live up to its predecessor, playing more like a cliched homage to the original than its own standalone film. However, it still offers a violent, thrilling and appropriately campy viewing experience which just might succeed in bringing you back to the good 'ol days of '80s cinema.
½ January 24, 2016
"An Action Movie For Dads That Like Action Movies!"

**** 1/4

This Movie Gets Right Into The Action From The Start, & Though It Lacked Some Of The Elements That Made The First Predator A Top Notch Action Packed Army Movie, It Was A Good Try At Trying To Stay To The Typecast Of The Original Film That Had Captured The Admiration Of Action Movie Fans...
(Or You Could Say A Movie For Dads That Like Movies!)

A Group Of Human Predators
(As They're Know To Be On Their Planet)
Awaken To Find That They're Falling From The Sky With An Electronic Parachute On Their Backs That Will Put'em On The Ground Safely. Unknowing Each Other; Nothing That Is Going On Makes Any Sense To'em At First, But Soon They'll Find That They're No Longer On Plant Earth & Whatever Planet They're On Isn't Exactly A Vacation Plant.

"The Pluses + Are"
Adrien Brody
(Though I Was Surprised To See Him In An Action Film Like)
(This One)
Did A Top Notch Job As Being The Lead Character; Laurence Fishburne Also Gave A Top Notch Performance As Being A Sub-Plot No-Mad Character That Appeared For A Short Time, The Seats Were Well Done, & The Action For This Type Of Film Was 'Bout As Good As Could Be Expected.

"The Negatives - Are"
Adrien Brody's Character Is The Only One In The Ensemble That Had Enough Depth Or Interest That Makes You Want To Care About A Character.
(If They Ever Remake Jaws They Should Get Him To Play)
The Plotting Was Predictable, You Could Pretty Much Predict Who Was Gonna Eat It First, & Who Would Make It To The End Of The Line For The Last Showdowns. Because There Wasn't Enough Time To Build The Characters Up They Didn't Really Play Off Each Other, & There Was No Humor Of Any Kind Other Than The
"Oh Ship!"
(If You Find Humor In That)
The Weapons Of The Predators Were The Same Old Thing From The Previous Films, Which Most Likely Is A Disappointment To Fans That Wanted To See Some New High Tech Stuff From'em.

With All The Pluses + & The Analytical Negatives - That Will Be Ignored By Most All Action Movie Fans, This Movie Will Entertain Action Movie Fans.


I Give This Film A B - (Bright) **** 1/4
January 21, 2016
i cant wait to see this movie
January 17, 2016
The sequel to the Predator series is more than worth watching! This film keeps you glued to the screen and manages to be original.
It is also interesting to see Brody in a not typical role.
½ January 16, 2016
A high budget, unsatisfying fan film made by non fans. The script is so bad it might have been better if it was all ad lib. I think it's hilarious that Robert Rodriguez had such a low opinion of predator 2 and then offered this as some sort of replacement. The predators look like crap. There is no doubt in your mind as you watch it that you are seeing guys in suits coupled with obvious CGI. I don't know what's worse the predator suits or the movements of the guys in them. The highlight of this film were all 10 minutes of of Laurence Fishburne's screen time, and for that I'll give it half a star.
½ January 9, 2016
An unnecessarily long movie - in which humans are still the hunted but on the predators' planet not earth - the only reason could have been "more sequels"!!
Ok to watch.
Super Reviewer
½ January 6, 2016
An action-packed piece of uninspired escapism that doesn't come close to what made the original movie so suspenseful, and despite a few good scenes and twists, it is filled with pathetic dialogue, stereotypical characters and tedious moments in which nothing happens.
January 5, 2016
Average action movie in the franchise. Adrien Brody wake up in the middle of free fall. Landed in a jungle, he soon find a few others in the same situation, all different background but military based. Even the own made compass is useless to help them navigate. Then big wild dog like beast attack them and they rally up and kill a few. Adrien know they are been hunted and this a test of their capability. Danny Trejo is been used as a bait to lure the rest to save him and get kill. Alice Braga ease his misery with a kill. Topher Grace use a small knife to touch a plant with toxin. After trekking a few miles, they came upon a tied up Predator. Then the other Predators attack one of them. Adrien was missing and he quickly fires. The group manage to escape. Adrien know Alice have some idea when she saw the Predator. So she reveal the fact from the 1987 movie. Adrien needs their help in order to trap and kill the hunters. Topher go out as bait and Alice use her sniper rifle to kill but its not one of them. Then Laurence Fishburne donning the Predator suit appears and bring them to his hole up. He's a bit weird and delusional, scavenging for survival stuffs whenever he can. He killed 2 or 3 Predators in maybe 10 seasons while trap in the planet. Later Laurence trap them in his hole with smoke. Adrien blow up a wall to get the attention of the Predators. Soon they arrive and kill Laurence. The rest manage to escape out. Topher is lost and encounter one of them. The Russian guy save him but is gutted. He self explode the body bomb and kill the Predator. Adrien and the rest try to reach the space ship. The Japanese guy fight with another Predator with katana and both died in battle. Alice and Topher are trap in a pit. Adrien go to the tied up Predator and make a deal to exchange his space ship. The last hunting Predator fight the tied up Predator and kills it. Seeing the space ship fly, it activate self destruction of the ship. Topher use the knife to cut Alice making her paralyze. He say he is a murderer back home and so doesn't want to return to Earth. Adrien save them out and he know Topher is bad and swiftly stab him in the neck. He booby trap him to lure the last one out. It turn him around and the grenades explode. Adrien cover in mud and force the Predator in a ring of fire, covering his heat signature. Still he can't escape and take it down. Alice regain some movement and she use the rifle to shoot it, saving Adrien. He get up and hack Predator with its own axe and kills it. Soon after they saw people and packages free falling.
½ December 28, 2015
Fast paced, some good performances and a decent ending - go predator.
December 9, 2015
Lots of good fight scenes and perhaps it's just that, one showdown after the other. The plot makes no sense at all, in the opening sequence some people fall down from the sky and remain undamaged, from that moment I understood how senseless it actually is.
½ December 2, 2015
A good movie, very underrated, I loved it. Although it can be kind of slow and many of the best actors don't get enough screen time.
½ November 30, 2015
Forgettable, but entertaining for what it's worth.
½ November 27, 2015
I actually found this movie a lot better than most people did. I thought it was a good remake of a great movie. It really had me intrigued, and the movie pretty much started off right away. The acting was really good for the most part, and the predators were cool, having two different species and all. I can also see how someone can dislike this movie as well. Other than that, good predator movie that some can enjoy.
November 26, 2015
Not as good as the original,but Predators is a solid entry in the franchise.
½ November 25, 2015
The film serves it purpose well, but not much else. It does offer some new mythos to the Predators which is nice but this movie is still "The Most Dangerous Game" in a sci-fi setting. A bunch of killers (mostly military) are put on a jungle planet and slowly killed off by 3 Predators, and that's all there is to the story. Not much time is spent on character development as they have bigger issues to deal with. Acting was fine overall but Adrian is no Arnold.
It's fine for what it is. But don't expect anything deep or meaningful.
Probably would have made a better video game.
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