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Predators Quotes

  • Royce: (Cuchillo holds gun at him) Don't. Calm down.
    Royce: [Cuchillo holds gun at him] Don't. Calm down.
    Cuchillo: Hey, fuck you.
    Royce: Calm down.
    Cuchillo: Fuck you!

  • Royce: you're shooting at the wrong people
    Royce: You're shooting at the wrong people.
    Nikolai: how do i know
    Nikolai: How do I know.
    Royce: because otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation
    Royce: Because otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation.

  • Stans: [to Mombasa] Looking good there, boss.

  • Stans: [to Isabelle] Your ass is awesome.

  • Noland: They can hear you. Smell you. They see you.

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