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September 12, 2016
I loved this movie, save for the extremely annoying bitch that for some reason attracts more than one man with her noxious, over-dramatic behavior. Aside from that, it's a gem.
February 10, 2016
I thought it was great. I'm not into LARP but I am a lifelong tabletop nerd and this film really spoke to me.
October 15, 2014
The Wild Hunt seeps with creativity and fun, but is harmed by its technical incompetence.
October 4, 2014
A gutsy, confident movie. Fine, realistic portrayals of awkward, uncomfortable people. Takes you slowly and assuredly to places you never would have, at the beginning, expected.

I recommend seeing this one knowing as little as possible in advance.
May 21, 2014
This film is amazing! I was fortunate enough to catch this while it was on Netflix. This film starts off a little slow, and is kind of humorous. A slow build up of character and plot development and without even realizing it, you are on the edge of your seat. This is a movie that you may have mixed feelings about if you only watch the first half. However, you will be rewarded with a great movie experience if you can watch from beginning to end.
December 8, 2013
The film wasn't like I was expecting it to be and the end was totally different. I quite enjoyed the conclusion.
September 2, 2013
Taking into account the low budget of The Wild Hunt, It is fairly well made. A few problems with lighting and editing arise throughout the movie, but despite these flaws there is a lot of merit that can be found within the film. The strange story and dark atmosphere are the aspects that elevate the film to it's full potential.The Wild Hunt starts out as a comedic drama and builds into an intense psychological thriller with several surprising plot twists. Also, this is the only film I know of that's specifically about people who do Live Action Role Playing (LARP), which makes it a novelty.
½ February 8, 2013
Insulting. That is all.
½ January 23, 2013
The Wild Hunt is not a great independent film but it looks like the cast had fun making it. I guess if anything the film offers up the question, when does playing pretend become a reality? I do like what the filmmakers were trying to do but it all falls apart. A huge problem is the recurring Noris mythology which is boring to listen to, especially when the character telling it is playing pretend. I'm guessing that story is important because it mimics what happens at the end of the film. I will give the film an "A" for effort and the cast of enthusiastic actors. It's not easy to make a film, let alone one with any real least these guys gave it their best try.
½ November 23, 2012
real original check it out
September 13, 2012
It's been a very long time that a movie was able to upset me physically and emotionally. Even though none of the characters are very likable, when things turn to shit its pretty intense. It's not a scifi movie at all like it's being advertised. The last 1/2 is very brutal and realistic
September 9, 2012
I thought, randomly browsing on Netfilx, that this would be like the campy and fun "Monster Camp" documentary thing. It starts out pretty corny, then becomes truly horrific. This was incredibly disturbing to watch.
½ August 29, 2012
Hilarious, tense, a bit frightening and sad all at the same time. The actors are great and so is the cinematography.
½ August 26, 2012
If you have ever participated in a Live Action Role Playing game or even a table-top D&D campaign you know that players bring their real-life troubles and struggles to the game. In extreme cases, the game becomes a consolation life for those who cannot achieve a sense of place or meaning or accomplishment in their real lives. The movie, The Wild Hunt, centres on the romantic turmoil of a young couple, Erik and Lyn. Lyn is bored with their lack of money and living with Erik and his sick father. Lyn is drawn into the gaming world for the excitement, the illusion of danger, and the sense of power she has as an attractive young women in a world that is mostly filled with men. When Erik goes to the game to try and work things out with her, they become trapped in a disintegrating alternate world as the rules go out the window and violent anarchy erupts. The characters are compelling largely because the plot provides no details of most of their real lives yet we get a clear picture of their personalities, and some sense of the kind of people they would be outside of the game, by the way that they play the game. Some of them are clearly committed, absolutely, to their fictional alter egos. The film moves smoothly and smartly between real life, the game, and the deeper game. There are comedic moments, bits of touching family drama, and a real sense of tension.
½ August 3, 2012
Role playing games gone wrong. It's an alright story....the action and the game are what keeps you watching.
July 23, 2012
A low budget gem that delves into the world of LARPing.
½ July 9, 2012
A lot of people are kind of "meh" about this movie. Either they say "LARPing? Dude, that's pretty gay" or they say "this movie would have been better with a big budget and if it avoided some of its gaping pitfalls." I have no idea what these people are talking about. The movie was a LARPing movie, yeah, but it wasn't ABOUT LARPing. It was about love and loss and taking things way, WAY too far. It was about obsession. I personally found this film to be almost perfect. Even the credits were brilliant. The pacing of this movie was great, cinematography was haunting, the humor was nice and sporadic, and the ending was...Jesus Christ. Highly recommended for anyone who likes good movies.
July 4, 2012
Filmed with a budget of only 500,000. the costumes and scenery are remarkable. some drastic lighting on occasions but nothing your eyes cant adjust to after a few moments. the plot is mainly based around a couple where the girl is seeking an escape through a LARP[live action role playing]ing community. she leaves and the boy follows. not a very great storyline but the side action will keep your attention. LARPers ranging from elves, vikings, and celts - mainly a middle age era game. they have large grounds for the many players and are in full character. the boy is not a LARPer and disturbs the game by disrupting the order of events. the role playing and costumes are worth the watch. this movie has a slower pace and has a large indie feel. the last 20 minutes will have you filled with fear, shock, and have your jaw dropped on the floor. role playing reachs a drastic reality. the game is no longer a game. i will not watch again and will have certain images slammed in my mind for a very long time. worth a view but prepare for a very non-typical movie ending. its refreshing but will make your skin prickle and your heart race.
June 26, 2012
If you like LARPing and you like Lord of the Flies, you're going to love this movie. Enough said.
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