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½ May 7, 2014

"Let's get something straight, I don't cook, wash dishes, fetch slippers or scream over mice, spiders or peeping toms. In short, I paddle my own canoe."-Mary Casallas (Karen Austin)

Dry as the 80's desert sand.
August 18, 2011
Made for TV fare has ex-CIA Robert Conrad called out of retirement as country's best hope to derail rogue cyborg on its path of destruction while superiors try to cover up embarrassing evidence. Worth it for Conrad's sweater in his opening scene.
Super Reviewer
July 27, 2011
A predictable little made for TV movie that takes a lot from other movies like The Terminator, Westworld, and any other killer robot flick. The actors are mediocre, and so is the action. Although it was interesting to see him jump out a window three times. Overall, this movie is just so-so.
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