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½ May 8, 2013
William Shatner and Patty Duke have their family and marriage torn apart by deranged babysitter Stephanie Zimbalist. With that story and cast, it's hard not to imagine that this film would be a hugely campy movie, and it does deliver the Mommy Dearest-like goods! You even get John Houseman as the unhinged Zimbalist's psychiatrist. It's basically a TV movie version of "Hand that Rocks the Cradle" or "Poison Ivy." Peter Medak, who later went on to make some memorable film such as "Romeo is Bleeding" and "Let Him Have It," directed this very silly film.
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January 8, 2011
A somewhat entertaining, but utterly predictable thriller. This movie could have been a lot better, but as is, it's okay.
May 5, 2010
This movie could have had potential if it wasn't a made for TV movie, and if the story wasn't so predictable. I kinda enjoyed it anyway, though.
½ January 5, 2010
Campy badness! The soundtrack alone lets you know you are watching a "scary" TV movie circa 1980. Starring William Shatner, Patty Duke, and a pre-Remington Steele Stephanie Zimbalist who plays a psychotic movie cliche who destroys everyone in her path (complete with creepy synth music).
½ December 24, 2009
Gotta give it a 2.5 for the camp factor. Patty Duke as an alcoholic mess? Check. BILL SHATNER as the crappy husband with the tight clothes and obvious dye job? Check! Quinn Cummings as the awkward daughter (in the seventies she was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar, don't know why), John Houseman (a fab Romanian actor) as the only intelligent man in the movie.... and Stephanie Zimbalist as the psychotic babysitter. This made-for-TV movie is certainly in the B category, but think of it as a precursor to the Poison Ivy/Hand That Rocks the Cradle. The sound quality is terrible (though the score is effective!) but the scenery is lovely. I watched the chopped up version, but I still got a kick out of it.
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